Kevin Smith to Direct Another Supergirl Season 2 Episode

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In the early '90s, aspiring filmmaker Kevin Smith sold his comic book collection, maxed out several credit cards, and used the money to make a full-length film. Filming nights in the Quick Stop where he worked during the day, Smith's film Clerks won the Filmmaker's Trophy at Sundance, and after being released by Miramax, had a successful limited run in theaters. Smith continued to make a name for himself in Hollywood as a director, writer, and occasionally an actor. But lately he's taken to directing superheroes for TV.

After directing an episode of The Flash in season 2, Smith was invited back to the Arrowverse to helm another episode The Flash season 3, and on for Supergirl season 2. His Supergirl episode is the midseason premiere, titled 'Supergirl Lives', which is just around the corner. Though it has yet to air, it would seem Smith has impressed the people involved in the show. As the director is happy to report that he's been invited back to direct episode 17 of season 2.

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Smith spoke about how it felt to be invited back with

"I fell in love with everybody up there, so it was easy to say yeah. It takes something special to make you put aside your own s*** when you're creative. When you have the ability to make the stories you want to make, it's fun to watch other people's stories, it's just way more fun to make your own. So whenever you put your s*** aside, it has to be for something worthwhile. Working on Supergirl is like a month of your life, but I'd give it up in a heartbeat because the last experience I had was so rewarding and I was so happy with what we did. I like all the people up there, and I believe in the show in a big, bad way. It's incredibly warm. It's just well-made entertainment, and it's got something to it. It's a little nourishing, it's not just fast food. There's always some heart to it."

When Smith talks about putting aside his own work, he's not kidding. Right now he is back as Sundance, this time as the Master of Ceremonies for IMDb, and will have to head back to Vancouver as soon as the festival ends in order to get to work. This is while he has three films in the works, Mallrats 2Moose Jaw, and Anti-Klaus. He has also spoken about his interest in taking on an episode of the Arrowverse's flagship title, Arrow. While a decision on that has yet to come, seeing The CW repeatedly return to Smith as a director suggests there is a strong working relationship there. And who know, perhaps he'll get his chance to direct Oliver Queen during Arrow season 6.

Supergirl will return to the CW with 'Supergirl Lives' on Monday, January 23 at 8 p.m.


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