Kevin Smith Says Rumored DC Movie Lineup is Legit

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Any plans that Warner Bros' might have had for a big surprise reveal at San Diego Comic Con this year were potentially scuppered last week when Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke, founder of Deadline, launched her new website with a list of DC comics-based movies that the studio is supposedly currently developing - along with their release dates, just for good measure.

To recap, Finke claimed that Warner Bros. plans to follow Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with Shazam, Sandman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, a Flash/Green Lantern team up and finally Man of Steel 2, all to be released between now and summer 2018. If true, this flies in the face of David S. Goyer's recent statement that Warner Bros future DC movie plans haven't gone beyond "vague conversations." Adding fuel to this gossip fire, filmmaker Kevin Smith has now backed up this account of DC's plans during his weekly podcast.

When SModcast's Hollywood Babble-On co-host Ralph Garman explained that Finke had claimed to have a list of the upcoming line-up of DC movies, Smith cut in, "So have I." When asked to elaborate on what he had heard he added, "I can't tell you," and when pressed on the subject of how he had got the list he replied, "Because I know people, motherf**ker."

So, does Finke's report of Warner Bros' plans match up with what Smith knows? He confirmed that it does, saying, "I looked at your list and I was like, yeah, that's what I heard, that's what I was told." Skip to the 1 hour 29 minute mark to hear for yourself.

Smith has prior ties to Warner Bros' Superman franchise, having at one point been hired to write a script for a Superman movie (a story for which he has a pretty great set of anecdotes). He also has a long history with Ben Affleck, who has starred in six of Smith's movies, and is friends with director Zack Snyder. He's previously supplied information about Batman vs. Superman, including a description of Affleck's Batsuit that turned out to be completely accurate, so consider him a solid (albeit unofficial) source when it comes to this story.

For what it's worth, he also greatly approves of the list. "That just gave me a reason to live," Smith said happily. "This is a list that would make f**king Grumpy Cat smile, dude." Individual concerns and gripes aside, this generally seems to sum up the collective opinion of Screen Rant readers who reacted in the comments.

Are you happy to have Smith back up this rumor, or are you hoping that elements of it (or even the whole thing) turn out to be false?


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016 with Justice League set to follow some time in the future. Currently, the rest of the rumored Warner Bros. release schedule remains unconfirmed.

Source: Hollywood Babble-On (via CBM)

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