Kevin Smith Is Trying to Find Comic Book Men a New Network

Kevin Smith is actively trying to find his canceled show, Comic Book Men, a new network. AMC pulled the plug on the program in late June, but there's a chance it could continue if it's picked up. For now, nothing is certain.

With Comic Book Men having a dedicated fanbase many were disappointed to see the show go. The show centered around Smith and his friends Brian, Walter, Mike, and Ming who all hang out at a comic book store owned by Smith himself. The reality-TV show ran for an impressive seven seasons equaling 96 episodes before it was canceled last week. Some shows that get canceled get picked up by another network fairly quickly like with Brooklyn Nine-Nine while others don’t get a second chance. Smith may be fishing his show around to other networks but so far none of the networks have bitten.

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After fan outcry from the show’s cancellation, Smith went to Twitter to announce that he was indeed pitching the show to other networks amidst the cancellation from AMC. Smith reassured fans that he would keep them updated if the show were to get picked back up and thanked them for their kind words. Smith and his friends got paid to do what they love so it isn’t all that surprising that he would be pushing to get his show back on the air.

Even if Comic Book Men does not get picked up by a cable network, it could always get picked up by an online streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. If this were to happen the show could continue for long-time fans while making it easier for people in other countries to tune into the show. No matter what happens to Comic Book Men, it is safe to assume that Kevin Smith will remain in the nerd community for years to come. 

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Source: Kevin Smith/Twitter

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