AMC Cancels Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men

AMC cancels Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men, the reality show described as 'Pawn Stars for geeks,' after seven seasons and 96 episodes.

AMC has canceled Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men after seven seasons and 96 episodes. Debuting in 2012, Comic Book Men followed the exploits of geeks Brian, Walter, Mike and Ming at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, the New Jersey comic book store owned by Smith. Filmmaker, podcaster and comic book superfan Smith's involvement in the series was mostly limited to appearing in filmed podcast bits that tied together the show's various segments.

The Comic Book Men format was roughly reminiscent of other reality shows like Pawn Stars, with fans bringing in their beloved memorabilia to be appraised by the comic store's experts with sometimes humiliating results. The show also featured the cast becoming involved in wacky challenges that played off their various personalities. The show received a good boost upon its premiere, being featured along with The Walking Dead as part of AMC's Sunday night lineup, but its presence on the network became less prominent as AMC moved away from plans to expand their reality programming.

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Now, after seven seasons and 96 episodes, Kevin Smith has taken to social media to announce the cancellation of Comic Book Men. Smith and the now-former Comic Book Men cast appeared together on Smith and Scott Mozier's SModcast to eulogize the canceled series and share stories about its seven years on AMC. See his tweet below:

Comic Book Men was once a central piece of AMC's geek-friendly Sunday night lineup that included The Walking Dead and its companion talk show Talking Dead. Now, Comic Book Men is canceled, The Walking Dead is in the midst of major cast and story upheaval after two years of sagging ratings and Talking Dead is without host Chris Hardwick after his suspension in the wake of abuse allegations leveled by ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. Talking Dead is expected to continue, almost certainly with a new host.

As for Comic Book Men creator Smith, the prolific filmmaker and commentator shows no signs of slowing down despite suffering a near fatal heart attack after a stand-up performance earlier this year. Upcoming projects Smith has announced or at least mentioned include a reboot of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the horror movies Killroy Was Here and Moose Jaws (described as "Jaws but with a moose") and the animated comedy Helena Handbag. Smith also continues to be a prominent voice in geek culture, speaking out on everything from the DCEU and Star Wars to the Tom Hardy-heavy first Venom trailer.

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Source: Kevin Smith/Twitter

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