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Every piece of Kevin Smith output has its moments of awesomeness, but it’s hardest to find them in Cop Out, the 2010 buddy cop comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. The latter of those stars does manage to squeeze in his natural charm at points, but Willis’

disinterested performance and an uninspiring script from Robb Cullen and Mark Cullen combine to make this a real damp squib of a viewing experience.

To get all hyperbolic about it: there’s nothing worse than watching an unfunny comedy that Kevin Smith directed but didn’t write. Smith is a man that can easily raise a chuckle just by rambling on in an otherwise empty room, and he was right there on set for the whole thing! Couldn’t just a teeny bit of his comedic genius rub off on Bruce Willis?! Unfortunately not.

The behind-the-scenes stories of Cop Out are funnier than the film itself, which is pretty much everything you need to know. “I want to thank everyone who worked on the film,” Smith said at the wrap party, “except for Bruce Willis, who is a f*cking d*ck.”

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