10 Best Kevin Smith Movies, According To IMDB

Love him or hate him, Kevin Smith has developed one of the biggest fan bases in cinematic history. The self-proclaimed comic-book nerd and View Askewniverse leader has remained popular since his indie debut feature Clerks in 1994. 25 years and roughly 15 movies later, Smith continues to build on his unique brand.

Smith's newest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, opened last week to moderate reviews but poor box-office returns. Which, of course, got us to thinking about what Smith movies are the most beloved. Check it out, here are the 10 Best Kevin Smith Movies, According to IMDB.

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9 Red State (6.2/10)

Red State

In a drastic departure from Smith's signature wit and comedic stylings, Red State shows a different side to the filmmaker's talents.

The disturbing horror yarn follows a cultish fundamentalist pastor (Michael Parks) who lures impressionable teens into his church one night. When the kidnapped teens wake up in a torture hold inside the church, pastor Abin Cooper and his blind followers are besieged by the ATF. Sobering and politically charged, Red State proves Smith has more arrows in his quiver than expected.

8 Jersey Girl (6.2/10)

At the time of its release, Kevin Smith fans all but instantly dismissed Jersey Girl. Yet, 15 years later, the movie ranks among Smith's Top 10 movies according to IMDB. Go figure!

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Swapping his trademark raunch for a heartwarming ode to fatherhood, the film tells the story of Ollie Trinke (Ben Affleck). Ollie has hit a rough patch in his career, which is compounded by the loss of his wife, Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez). Ollie attempts to pick up the pieces by looking after his mature young daughter, Gertie. The closer they become, the quicker Ollie can heal his heartbreak.

7 Zack And Miri Make A Porno (6.5/10)

Arguably his raunchiest movie to date, Smith forwent his trademark characters in favor of a whole new cast lead by Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.

And yet, fans still feel pretty strongly about the film's comedic merits. When two lifelong friends find themselves in financial ruin, they decide to produce a cheap porno movie to make some quick cash. Unfortunately, the platonic feelings grow into something more meaningful during the production, causing all sorts of hilarious hijinks. It's hard not to see Rogen as playing a version of Smith himself, which gives the film an added layer of depth.

6 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (6.8/10)

After the weighty themes of Dogma, Smith veered toward the cartoonish comic-book tableau with his follow-up, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

While previously side characters, Smith puts the stoner duo front and center in their own starring roles. When their hit comic Bluntman and Chronic gets optioned to become a big-budget Hollywood film, Jay and Silent Bob cross country to ensure the production is halted. After all, these dudes have standards! With hilarious in-jokes and meta self-references, IMDB voters spoke loud enough to perpetuate a sequel.

While Mallrats was seen as a bit of a sophomore slump following the promise of Clerks, fans still rank it pretty high on the list of Smith films to date.

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The film revolves around two heartbroken friends, Brody (Jason Lee) and T.S. (Jeremy London), who retreat to the local mall to heal their hurt. The pals interact with a plethora of offbeat characters who spend their days in a giant dome of commercialism. In the end, a love-matching gameshow helps the two buddies recapture true love. Chocolate-covered pretzel, anyone?

5 Chasing Amy (7.2/10)

Chasing Amy

In a movie well ahead of its time, Chasing Amy was Smith's heartrending response to the perceived failure of Mallrats. Or put another way, Smith finally had something to say!

The film concerns Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck), a comic-book artist who lives with his homophobic collaborator Banky (Jason Lee). Holden falls for a girl one day, fellow comic artist Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams), only to learn that she is a lesbian. Holden persists and strikes up an unlikely romance with Alyssa anyway, which leads to a messy confrontation in the end. Finger cuffs, yo!

4 Clerks II (7.3/10)

Smith waxes nostalgic with the surprisingly heartfelt sequel released 12 years after the original. Snooch to the Nooch!

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Stuck in the same position a dozen years later, Dante and Randall grapple with regret and sorrow while attempting to recapture the magic. Now working for the corporate Mooby's fast-food chain, the soul-killing job begins to wear on the two pop-culture savvy servers. With callbacks from original cast members and actors from other Smith films, fans feel almost as strongly about the sequel as they do the OG.

3 Dogma (7.3/10)

While Smith reportedly wrote Dogma before he wrote Clerks, the writer/director showed wisdom in waiting until he had all the resources necessary to fulfill his vision.

In his fourth and most ambitious feature, Smith took on a taboo topic to rib and ridicule: religion! When two fallen angels find a loophole to get back into heaven, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a chosen abortion clinician. Wackily irreverent yet highly poignant, Smith's trademark toilet humor is used for a greater good in the end when a female god is presented.

2 Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (7.6/10)

Sure the movie is still in the early days of IMDB voting, but it appears those who love Smith's schtick have endorsed his newest satirical foray.

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The film once again pairs the perpetually stoned odd couple, Jay and Silent Bob, two weed-dealing comic book amateurs out to navigate the trickiness of Hollywood. This time around, Smith has a ball lambasting and lampooning the silly differences between a movie remake, sequel, prequel, and reboot. With the utmost integrity, the dudes doggedly attempt to deny Hollywood from rebooting their iconic Bluntman and Chronic film.

1 Clerks (7.7/10)

The first time is always the best, isn't it? Indeed, Smith's mega low-budget indie debut put the filmmaker on the map as a new generational voice to be reckoned with.

The black and white film follows two wayward ne'er do wells, Dante and Randall, who are struck managing a convenient store and adjacent video rental house. Dante laments his immovable station in life, while Randall lashes out against the system. Clever, witty, and full of memorable lines, Clerks is the perfect movie for the over-educated and underemployed. All together now, Berserkuuuur!

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