Kevin Smith Wants to Direct Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow & More

Ahead of his return as The Flash director tonight, Kevin Smith shares his thoughts on the other comic book TV shows he'd like to direct.

Kevin Smith Excited

While his past several feature films have been welcomed with mostly negative reviews from both critics and general moviegoers, Kevin Smith's place in the nerd community has only grown over the past couple of years. With his podcasts and shows like Comic Book Men and Geeking Out, the writer/director's status as a nerd icon has only continued to rise. Following his first time directing an episode of The Flash last season with "The Runaway Dinosaur" as well, Smith is set to return as director on the series once again tonight with its latest episode, "Killer Frost."

Smith is also confirmed to be directing an episode of Supergirl this season, further cementing his place with the creative teams behind the Arrowverse, and it doesn't look like he wants to stop there, either. In addition to fellow DCTV shows on The CW, Smith has revealed some of the other upcoming and current comic book shows he'd like to direct, and a couple of them may surprise you.

During his most recent Facebook live Q&A, Smith was asked what other shows he'd like to direct episodes of, that are either on right now or in the works. Predictably, he replied with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, but he also expressed his interest in helming another non-CW series based on DC comics. Check out his reply below:

"I’ve done two Flash’s, and a Supergirl. Hopefully, I get to come back and do another Supergirl. I would love to go over to Legends of course man, and as I said last season, I’d love to go to Arrow, particularly if they let me write an episode where I could bring back my character or co-write whatever, with my character Onomatopoeia, the guy who makes noises, Mr. Shushee in the comics, that would be fantastic, so I’ve let that be known many times: “I’d love to do Arrow!” And crickets. ... I love Flash and Supergirl, so it’s very [cool] to go play in that world. I’m a big Legends fan as well, so it would be easy to dive into that world, but the Arrow thing is personal because I wrote the comic years ago, so hopefully one day.

Maybe Gotham too, but that’s not Berlanti-verse. Riverdale, that’s the next one. I’ve seen it in little pieces. Riverdale -- it’s Archie as if it took place in like Twin Peaks. Sick, I can’t wait. I want to direct that, that’s a high school show.”

Kevin Smith Wants to Direct All Arrowverse and More 2

Now, "The Runaway Dinosaur" was one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved episodes of The Flash last season, so Smith's return with "Killer Frost" has made it one of the more anticipated episodes of the third season so far. It'll be interesting to see how he does with Supergirl as well, which has been receiving even more positive reviews in its second season than it did with its freshman run on CBS, all leading up to Kara's introduction (finally) to all of the other DCTV heroes and Legends in next week's massive 4-part crossover event.

It seems like Smith is most hopeful for a possible Arrow directing job based on these comments, and it's not hard to see why. Following his work on Green Arrow comics in the past, Smith has previously stated what he'd like to do with an episode of the show, if he could, most of which have been on the receiving end of some notable fan support. Thanks to his strong working relationship with the execs behind each of the shows, it seems inevitable at this point, and it wouldn't be surprising if he even ended up directing an episode of Riverdale after it premieres.

As for Gotham, that seems like a much less likely possibility at this point, since it's on a different network and is run by an entirely different set of individuals. Not to mention the rather substantial differences, visually between it and all of the CW shows. Depending on how badly he actually wants to take a crack at the Fox show, it could happen of course, but right now, it seems like Smith has his eyes set primarily on all of the shows in the Berlanti-verse. With "Killer Frost" set to premiere tonight and his episode of Supergirl set to air next year too, it may only be a matter of time before he checks the rest of these shows off his list.

The Flash will return tonight with the Smith-directed "Killer Frost" on The CW at 8/7c.


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