Kevin McKidd Still In The Running For Thor

Way back in August 2007 there was speculation that Kevin McKidd was in the running to play the lead in Marvel's upcoming Norse-god superhero movie Thor. Since then the rumor kind of faded away but today we have an update for you.

At last night's after party for the premier of Punisher: War Zone, IGN caught up with Kevin McKidd and asked him if he's still in the running to play Thor.

McKidd confirmed he may still appear as the thunder god, but there's been "a lot of back and forth" surrounding the project.

Though nothing is confirmed for him, he acknowledged that having Kenneth Branagh directing the movie has made him even more excited about the film.  He also stressed he's up for the lead role of Thor, and not a supporting role.

McKidd's credits include a number of films including Kingdom of Heaven; as of late, his television career includes Grey's Anatomy, Journeyman and Rome. There isn't another actor with better background credits that lead him to the role of Norse God, but I have my reservations.

My concern with this character is the transformation: Thor has a considerable amount of physical bulk as compared to the doctor (with his House-like disabled leg). We're talking about a guy that throws around the Hulk when necessary. But I still think he'd be a good choice for Dr. Blake.

Do you think that Kevin McKidd could wield the magical hammer?

Source: IGN

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