The Rock Gives Hilarious Health Update on Jumanji Co-Star Kevin Hart

Dwayne Johnson offers a hilarious update on the condition of his frequent co-star and friend Kevin Hart, who was injured in a car crash.

Central Intelligence (2016) - Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gave a hilarious update on the health of Jumanji co-star, and friend, Kevin Hart in the aftermath of Hart’s accidental car crash. The actors have collaborated frequently, with Hart making a cameo most recently in Hobbs & Shaw, and Johnson’s initial reaction to news of the accident reflected how close the two have become.

Hart's accident occurred on Malibu’s Mulholland Highway. The actor was a passenger in his vintage Plymouth Barracuda when his friend, Jared Black, lost control of the vehicle. Black swerved into a ditch, then crashed into a wooden fence. The roof of the car was destroyed on impact. Black, as well as a third passenger, were temporarily trapped inside and the authorities later determined that Black was not under the influence at the time of the incident. Despite feeling well enough to return to his nearby home at first, Hart was soon transferred to a nearby hospital. The comedian then underwent successful back surgery. Due to recovering and rehabbing his body, Hart was unable to make a scheduled appearance and Johnson stepped in to fulfill the obligation. In the process, he also offered an at times heartfelt and often quite funny update on Hart’s condition.

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Johnson appeared as the first guest on the premiere episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. Johnson spoke honestly when asked by the American Idol winner, and new daytime host, about how Hart was doing. While acknowledging that the situation could have been a lot worse, and noting his gratitude for how things turned out, Johnson didn’t stay somber for too long. Impressively, without missing a beat, he fired off a few jokes at his co-star’s expense.

“Everything is good. I spoke with Kevin; I actually refer to him as my son. I connected with him today, and you know what? These things happen in life. And thankfully, he was strapped in nicely his car seat. Listen, I’m only kidding. We spoke to the pediatrician and he said…”

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Nick Jonas in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

At times, it was difficult for Johnson to finish his bit because Clarkson, and the studio audience, interrupted with surprised laughter. Hart will require weeks of physical therapy to fully recover from his injuries. But the fact that Johnson feels at ease enough to find a bit of humor in the situation is a good sign. The duo appeared in Central Intelligence together and were paired up as hosts for the MTV Movie Awards. In December, they'll be seen in The Next Level which is a sequel to 2017's Jumanji.

When the story of Hart’s accident started to make the rounds, the comedian received a wave of support from many famous names. Former co-star Bryan Cranston sent his regards, as well as celebrities as varied as Justin Bieber and Martha Stewart. It was Johnson, however, that included a very specific message in an Instagram post. He told Hart that they have a lot more laughing to do together. It seems he’s holding true to that promise.

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Source: The Kelly Clarkson Show

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