Kevin Feige Thinks Spider-Man & Venom Movie Is Likely, But It's Up to Sony

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige thinks that Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Tom Hardy's Venom will eventually share a movie, but it's Sony's call. After three Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire, and two lukewarmly received Amazing Spider-Man efforts starring Andrew Garfield, Sony was at a loss as to how to continue the wall-crawler's film franchise. Thankfully for fans, what Sony ultimately decided to do was partner up with Marvel Studios, allowing Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego to become part of the MCU.

Spider-Man made his MCU debut in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, before starring in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. He returned - and infamously was dusted by Thanos in - 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, before being resurrected in this spring's Avengers: Endgame. Now, Spider-Man heads into his second MCU solo film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The sequel sees Peter on an overseas trip with his friends, all while battling alongside Mysterio against The Elementals, and trying to come to terms with the death of his mentor Tony Stark.

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Despite Spidey now residing within the MCU, Sony last year embarked on a quest to create its own cinematic universe centered on Marvel characters related to Spider-Man. This began with Venom, an origin story starring Tom Hardy as the symbiote antihero. Venom made truckloads at the box office, and many fans now wonder when Holland's Spider-Man and Hardy's Venom will encounter each other on the big screen. When asked that very question recently by Cinema Blend, Kevin Feige responded with the following.

I think probably it's up to Sony. Sony has both those characters and, has Venom in their world. I don't know what their plans are for another Venom or if they’re doing that. But it seems likely at some point.

Tom Hardy Venom Tom Holland Spider-Man

While it's certainly encouraging to see Feige express optimism about the prospects of Spider-Man and Venom sharing the screen in their current forms, his somewhat detached answer makes it clear that it's entirely on Sony to make the call to commission such a project. That's not surprising, as despite Sony brokering a deal with Marvel Studios to send Peter Parker to the MCU, they still very much control the character's film rights and the rights to related characters like Venom. As such, if Holland's Spider-Man and Hardy's Venom collide, it may even end up being entirely outside the auspices of the MCU.

Were a poll to be conducted of Marvel fans, it's likely the majority would prefer that Venom join Spider-Man in the MCU, and not the other way around. That said, Sony is very protective of its Spider-Man rights, and may not be swayed by such a sentiment. The ball is entirely in Sony's court on this one. Whatever venue it takes place in, hopefully this seemingly eventual crossover proves more successful than the last time Spider-Man and his most famous rival met up on the big screen in Spider-Man 3.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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