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With Kevin Feige developing a Star Wars movie, one thing that's on fans' minds is who could replace him as the head of Marvel Studios should he choose to leave the studio for Lucasfilm. It came as a shock to Marvel and Star Wars fans alike when it was announced that Feige is working on a Stars Wars movie, especially since he has been so invested in shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which now involves even more IP than it did a few years ago. The idea that Feige is now associated with the Star Wars franchise has led to speculation that Feige could step down as the MCU's chief. So if this were to happen, who could replace him? Feige's best replacement option would be the studio's EVP, Victoria Alonso.

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At the moment, it seems as if Feige is only developing one movie for Lucasfilm, and he will be working alongside that studio's president, Kathleen Kennedy. What the movie is about, when it will release, and how far they are into development are all questions that likely won't be answered for some time, and given how busy Feige has been with shaping the MCU's Phase 4, it stands to reason that they are only in the early stages of developing this project. What's interesting is that this news came on the heels of Sony and Marvel splitting over Spider-Man, with the official reasoning being that Feige didn't have time to work on a property that Disney didn't own (Spider-Man's rights are held by Sony). So with him being so busy with the X-Men and Fantastic Four, too, does him taking on a Star Wars project mean that he's on his way out of Marvel Studios but going into Lucasfilm?

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With Kevin Feige at the head, Marvel Studios has been pumping out up to three Marvel movies a year since 2017, and this trend will continue at least through 2022. With everything that's on his plate, it's worth wondering how Star Wars will fit into his schedule. If this Star Wars movie proves successful, then it's theoretically possible that Feige would leave Marvel for Star Wars, which would mark another challenge for him as a producer given that the Skywalker saga would be over and Star Wars would be a clean slate. If a scenario like this were to happen, Marvel Studios would be left in capable, experienced hands. Marvel Studios EVP Victoria Alonso is the most likely choice to replace Feige as the head of Marvel Studios. She has produced every film in the MCU since the very beginning, with the sole exception of The Incredible Hulk.

When considering that the MCU has brought in over $22 billion at the worldwide box office under Feige's leadership, it may look like Feige is irreplaceable, but Alonso is someone who can be trusted to pick up where Feige left off. Alonso, who previously had a background in visual effects, again has executive produced every MCU movie since The Avengers and has been with the studio since Iron Man. Along with co-president and executive producer Louis D'Esposto, Alonso has worked closely with Feige on each movie and is heavily involved in the decision-making process.

Alonso already helps oversee the development of all the Marvel movies, so if Feige were to step down, it's doubtful that much would change if Alonso took his place, and given the massive financial success that the MCU has brought Marvel and Disney, that would be for the best. Plus, it would work naturally considering that Feige wanted to build the Infinity Saga, which has now wrapped, so he could move onto something else while Alonso continues to shepherd the MCU forward. After all, it was never a one-man operation, despite Feige being the face of the studio.

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