Marvel's Kevin Feige to Receive First-Ever Creative Visionary Award

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been chosen to win the first ever Marty & Leah Sklar Creative Visionary Award. Feige got his start in Hollywood as an intern with Richard and Lauren Shuler Donner. He impressed them enough to become a producer on the first X-Men film, before serving as a co-producer or executive producer on every Marvel live-action movie that followed - prior to being named president of Marvel Studios in 2007. In the eleven years since, Feige has created the world's biggest connected universe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The MCU officially began in 2008 with the release of Iron Man and was quickly followed by The Incredible Hulk. After the success, Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment and helped take the MCU to new heights as Phase One continued. They're now in the middle of wrapping up Phase 3 and will do so next year with Avengers 4. He was recently ranked as the sixth most powerful person in entertainment and will now be recognized in a new way.

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Thanks to the success Feige has led Marvel Studios to in the last decade, Variety reports he's been selected as the recipient of the first ever Marty & Leah Sklar Creative Visionary Award. Ryman Arts' founder Marty Sklar  Ryman Arts Board president Phil Hettema shared the reasoning behind choosing Feige in the statement below:

"The Ryman Arts Board established the Marty & Leah Sklar Creative Visionary Award to honor Marty’s memory and to celebrate the legacy of two amazing founders of our organization. We are thrilled that the first recipient of the award, Kevin Feige, embodies the aspiration of the award so completely. Kevin has reimagined an entire universe of storytelling and introduced us to thrilling new worlds through his creative leadership and vision."

Feige will receive this new award on November 7 at Ryman Arts' annual event held at the Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles. VIP attendees will be treated to a special panel featuring Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole and cinematographer Rachel Morrison to discuss the creative process of bringing Wakanda to life. A section for general admittance will follow and be where Feige formally accepts the award and he'll be joined by unannounced "special guests." This will be the latest award to come Feige's way after also being honored by the Producers Guild of America.

Feige's role in bringing the MCU to life is impossible to downplay, as he is often pointed out as being the reason why the MCU has worked and many other cinematic universes have failed. The twenty movies Feige has overseen have collectively grossed $17.5 billion at the box office and they statistically just keep getting better. And as impressive as this run has been, there's no end in sight for Feige and the MCU. He's about to get the Fantastic Four and X-Men to add to his already existing plans. Even though he's working on closing out the 10-year story the MCU's been telling since 2008, the conclusion in Avengers 4 will just set the Marvel Cinematic Universe off in a new direction for another epic story.

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Source: Variety

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