'Confused Kevin Feige' Memes Take Off After Spider-Man Interview

Kevin Feige Marvel Studios President

'Confused Feige' is the new 'Sad Affleck', it would appear. Will Sony's Venom and Silver & Black movies be part of the MCU or not? It seemed everyone knew the answer to that question, until producer Amy Pascal weighed in on the matter. Though it had previously seemed a done deal that the new Sony Spider-Man-related movies would not cross over with the MCU in any way, in an interview Pascal made it seem that maybe there will be some kind of connection between the MCU and Spidey-verse.

Pascal's remarks about the new Sony movies being "adjuncts" to the MCU only created confusion in fans (and had lots of people grabbing their dictionaries to get a precise definition of "adjunct"). Sitting right next to Pascal during this whole interview was Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, and by the look on his face he was just as confused by Pascal's statements as everyone else.

Thanks to the internet, Kevin Feige's slightly perplexed response to Pascal's attempt at explaining the kinda-sorta connections between the MCU and Sony's Venom and Sliver & Black (as the Black Cat/Silver Sable movie will reportedly be titled) has now become a meme. Call it "Confused Kevin Feige" or "Sad Kevin Feige," either way the meme is taking off. Everyone feels for Feige as he tries to hold down his feelings about Pascal's comments.

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A Twitter user named @Iamthatroby presented one meme that puts the Curb Your Enthusiasm music over Feige's mildly-shocked face. When it comes to comedic outrage, Feige is much more understated than Larry David. Below, more Twitter and YouTube users get in on the act. Feige's hard swallow in the GIF below pretty much says it all. Really, who hasn't experienced that kind of nervousness while listening to one's colleague randomly spill the beans about possibly-imaginary plans for several multi-billion-dollar film properties?

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM except it is kevin feige listening to amy pascal

— roby (@iamthatroby) June 18, 2017

Look at Kevin Feige's face when Amy Pascal says Black Cat & Venom will exist in the same universe as Spider-Man #SpiderManHomecoming

— Craig Lin (@CraigLin) June 18, 2017

Pascal: Venom is in the MCU

Feige: Wait...

Kinberg: Dark Phoenix is in the MCU

Feige: Hold on...

Whedon: Justice League is in the MCU


— DoctorDoom (@Acidic_Heart) June 18, 2017

Here's what we do know for sure about Venom: It will star Tom Hardy, and it begins filming in September with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer behind the camera. As for Silver & Black, the news is that Cloak and Dagger TV show pilot director Gina Prince-Bythewood has been hired to take the helm.

One can only imagine the conversation Pascal and Feige had behind closed doors after their interview to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming. Hopefully those two can get on the same page and figure out how their halves of Spider-Man connect or don't connect. This stuff is getting more complicated and confusing than the X-Men movie timeline.

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Source: @Iamthatroby, KIDCOM

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