'Entourage' Star Kevin Dillon Joins CBS Pilot 'How To Be A Gentleman'

Kevin Dillon, a regular member of HBO's Entourage, has landed a starring role in CBS' upcoming comedy pilot, How To Be A Gentleman.

The actor has been a regular on Entourage since its inception in 2004. His "victorious"a role of C-lister Johnny 'Drama' Chase gave him enough notoriety for starring spots in the Poseidon remake and Hotel For Dogs. Prior to Entourage, Dillon played small recurring roles on NYPD Blue and 24.

How To Be A Gentleman is a comedy to keep your eye on. The show is written and executive produced by David Hornsby of FX's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Adam Chase, who produced some of the early seasons of Friends, is also on board. This new series is based on the etiquette book How to Be a Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy.

Hornsby will star as Adam, a magazine writer who specializes in gentlemanly behavior. Dillon's character is named Bert, but no other character information is available at this time. The only other actor cast is Nancy Lenehan, who will play Adam's overbearing mother.

I'm genuinely excited for How To Be A Gentleman, which is more than I can say for some other CBS sitcoms in the pipe. When it's not assaulting the over-worked typing fingers of Internet TV news writers, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia delivers genuine laughs with a biting, no-holds-barred style. Hornsby and Co. will have to reign it in for broadcast television - they won't be afforded the same language and situational latitude as on FX - but other shows manage to run a tight ship and still be entertaining.

How To Be A Gentleman may provide a welcome respite from more mainstream CBS comedies. Even with Two and a Half Men up in the air after Sheengate, the rest of the lineup (excluding How I Met Your Mother) leaves a lot to be desired. CBS' paradoxically huge viewership could use a few cable-flavored yuks, in my opinion.

How To Be A Gentleman is still in the pilot phase, but I expect to see at least a half-season order sometime in the summer. Here's hoping Dillon has a profound lack of drama after Entourage wraps up its final season this summer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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