Kevin Conroy Reveals His Favorite Batman: The Animated Series Episode

Batman in Batman the Animated Series From 90s

Longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy reveals his favorite episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Few actors are lucky enough get to play the same iconic role for multiple decades, but that's the case for Conroy, who began voicing the Caped Crusader way back in 1992. So closely associated is Conroy's performance with Batman that to many fans, Conroy is their favorite actor to portray the legendary DC superhero, despite never doing so in a live action setting.

Conroy's tenure as Batman began, of course, on the aforementioned Batman: The Animated Series, which is often considered one of the greatest superhero cartoons in history. Despite being made for kids, the series was written and presented mostly seriously and managed to craft many stories that were downright emotional. Batman: TAS was clearly not a show made just to sell toys and distract kids after school - although it did plenty of both - and possessed real dedication and creativity behind the scenes.

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During a recent interview with THR, Conroy was asked to name his favorite episode of Batman: The Animated Series, and the response he offered up may just surprise you. The episode he chose is 'Perchance to Dream,' which originally aired during season 1 on October 19, 1992. Here's his reasoning for the pick.

Batman The Animated Series

"I got to create Thomas Wayne's voice, which was a really fun challenge in addition to bringing the episode's incredible story to life. The wonderful thing about playing a character like Bruce Wayne is that you get to explore his damaged psychology. I love the scripts that examine his internal makeup. 'Perchance to Dream,' the movie Mask of the Phantasm, they really dig into this man and what led him to become Batman."

For those who need a refresher, 'Perchance to Dream' sees the Dark Knight sustain a head injury that knocks him out, only to wake up in a world where everything he knew has changed. Bruce's parents were never murdered, he's in a healthy, functional romantic relationship with Selina Kyle, and he never headed down the dark path that led him to become Batman. That sounds too good to be true, and of course, it is, as Bruce is trapped within a fantasy crafted by a vengeful Mad Hatter.

In that vein, one wonders where Batman's animated legacy would stand had Conroy not gotten the gig in the first place. As it is, Batman's most infamous villain nearly ended up quite differently on Batman: TAS, as Tim Curry was recently revealed to have been the first choice to play The Joker, a role which of course eventually went to Mark Hamill. Hamill is just as linked to The Joker as Conroy is to Batman at this point, so things seem to have worked out for the best.

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Source: THR

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