Kevin Conroy Wants To Make Another Batman: Arkham Game

Kevin Conroy Batman Arkham Sequel

Kevin Conroy, the voice behind Batman in the Arkham series, got the rumor mill churning earlier this week when he acknowledged many fans' desires to see another game in the franchise. Back in 2015, it looked like Developer Rocksteady Studios was ready to move on from Batman as they wrapped up their critically and commercially adored Arkham series. The final game, Arkham Knight, seemed to wrap things up nicely for their small part of the DC world.

The Arkham series set a new and high bar for video games based on comic books, and it's still being used as a source of inspiration today. Arkham Asylum reintroduced players to characters they loved with an interesting story, rhythmic combat, and a metroidvania-style world. Arkham City took everything that Asylum excelled at and placed it within a huge open world. It was proclaimed as one of the best sequels of all time, but it was over as quickly as it began, as Rocksteady announced they were moving on to different properties. Understandably, not everyone was ready to move on, and that doesn't just mean fans.

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Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, has taken to Twitter to voice his desire to return to the cowl. When Rocksteady tweeted an anniversary message for their finale to the caped crusader, Arkham Knight, Conroy retweeted and responded, "Why stop there?!!" Some fans took the chance to voice their support for a new Arkham game. Others refused to believe that Conroy is no longer involved with Rocksteady and took his reply as a cryptic hint that a new game (with Batman somehow involved) is already on its way.

The speculation about Batman isn't entirely unwarranted as Rocksteady has been famously tight-lipped about whatever they're working on now. There have been fake facts and real rumors but nothing that fans can latch on to with any amount of certainty.  The most popular theories about what Rocksteady has been working on include a Superman game and a full-out Justice League game. These ideas aren't completely crazy, given the mysterious teaser at the end of Arkham Knight and Rocksteady's continuous online teasing.

Regardless, fans are waiting for Rocksteady to make an announcement literally any day now. If Conroy is being genuine, it may mean the rumored Justice League isn't actually happening. They wouldn't make a Justice League without Batman and they wouldn't make Batman without Conroy. If Conroy is teasing something, it could mean a whole new Arkham game or a continuation with Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. Despite the world being more than ready for their next game, Rocksteady has managed to keep a tight ship and presumably will continue to do so. Their rumored projects seem hugely ambitious, and they are going to continue to play this one close to the vest.

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Source: Kevin Conroy/Twitter

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