Kenneth Branagh To Direct Thor?


First Marvel goes with Jon Favreau for Iron Man and now it's looking like another non-action/indie film director will come into the fold: Kenneth Branagh as the director for Thor.

The closest thing he's directed to this would be Henry V almost 20 years ago, but he been directing other films since then.

Branagh also has a very long acting resume, having had a role in about 50 movies and TV episodes.

The movie version of Thor (a Norse god in Marvel Comics) has been written by Mark Protosevich. A source tells me that despite the fact that Variety says the screenplay will use the original version of the character, disabled medical student Don Blake who could turn into (or switch places with, I don't remember exactly) the magic hammer-wielding Thor - the current screenplay does NOT include Blake as a character.

The film will be very heavy on Norse Mythology, Asgard (Thor's home), mythical creatures, etc. Very Shakespearean in tone.

Personally I think this is a very interesting pick.

Thanks to Edward from the Marvel Movies Facebook group!

Source: Variety

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