Street Fighter Pro Player Arrested For Alleged Sexual Molestation

Kenji Kuroda

Kenji Kuroda - a professional gamer widely regarded as one of the finest Street Fighter III: Final Strike players of his generation - has been arrested pending a full investigation. The 32-year-old Kuroda has been accused of sexually molesting a high school age girl.

Kuroda is a prominent figure among otaku in his native Japan. In addition to his status as a professional Street Fighter player, Kuroda had written a regular column for the magazine Weekly Playboy (no relation to the American publication Playboy) - one of the most popular men's magazines in Japan. Kuroda was also poised to star in the independent movie 9road. Since Kuroda's arrestWeekly Playboy has pulled the archive of Kuroda's writings from their website and the status of 9road - which had just released its first trailer two months agois now in question.

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Kotaku reported on Kuroda's arrest, which came after the mother of the alleged victim filed charges. Reportedly, Kuroda invited the girl to his home after meeting her on Twitter. It was here that he started hugging her before moving on to what was described in the Japanese press as "obscene acts." Twitter user across_gomi posted a shot of Kuroda's arrest, see it below.

There was some early confusion as to whether or not the Kenji Kuroda arrested on these charges was the famous gamer and writer. Originally, Kuroda was described in the press as being unemployed and his name was spelled with kanji symbols. Professionally Kuroda had always spelled his name phonetically and made a comfortable living, despite sharing a home with his mother - a not uncommon occurrence for single men in Japanese culture. However, later reporting confirmed that the accused and the famous gamer were one and the same, after eagle-eyed reporters noted that the house where Kuroda was taken into custody matched pictures of the famous Kuroda's distinctively painted home in earlier lifestyle profiles.

The police later released an official statement confirming that the Kenji Kuroda taken into custody was indeed the famous professional Street Fighter player and columnist for Weekly Playboy. Kuroda has reportedly been cooperating with the police and given a full confession to the charges leveled against him. He is still in jail pending a larger investigation into whether or not he might have committed other acts of sexual assault against other girls and young women in the gaming community. At the time of this writing, no other charges have been filed.

Source: Kotakuacross_gomi/Twitter

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