Kelly Clarkson Offers Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek of Her New Talk Show

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Kelly Clarkson officially has her own talk show, and she went to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek backstage tour of the set. She is obviously very excited about her show kicking off.

Clarkson is a household name since she starred on the first-ever season of American Idol in 2002 when she won the show, becoming the very first American Idol winner. This powerhouse has topped the charts 11 times in her singing career. Clarkson then took a stab at being a talent judge on The Voice in 2018 for season 14 and ended up staying for season 15 and 16. The Grammy award-winning singer revealed last year that she would be getting her own talk show titled The Kelly Clarkson Show that will be premiering this fall on NBC. Not only is the show named after her and not only is she the host, but she is also an executive producer along with her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

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Clarkson couldn't wait until the premiere on September 9 to show her fans what exciting things are happening on the set. The singer went to The Kelly Clarkson Show's official Instagram to post a video of her bursting with excitement as she shows fans the set. She starts the video saying, "We're about to come out on my stage!" A recording done on a phone shows a sneak peek of the stage setup. Clarkson takes the fans on a tour through the show's band space, the stage, and the audience seating. She says that the sneak peek was just based out of pure excitement, telling the crew, "No one asked me to do this. I'm just excited!" The Grammy award-winner can barely contain her excitement as she shows the seats where the live studio audience will be sitting, saying, "Don't you want to come here?!" 

The Voice's former judge, Clarkson, points at the sign flashing The Kelly Clarkson Show and exclaims, "I have a show!" The singer jokes about NBC not having anyone else to host a show, saying, "They ran out of everyone to ask!" The chart-busting singer goes on to talk about how excited she is, saying, "I'm so excited! I hope I don't suck!" The fans were writing supportive comments about how they cannot wait for September 9 to come. Apparently, episode 1 of the show has already been taped a few days ago, in Universal City, California. This brand new series and daytime talk show will be playing every weekday. The show promises to bring people together for a fun-filled hour that will be offering heartwarming stories, a live band, and some surprises.

Clarkson is clearly enthusiastic for this new chapter in her life to begin, and understandably very nervous. Looking back at her history as a judge on The Voice for three seasons, it seems she will be comfortable being in front of the camera and interacting with guests and audiences. The fans are very excited as well to see the OG American Idol winner's career change so dramatically over the course of the last 17 years since she won the show. Now that Clarkson will be trying her hand at hosting, the possibilities are endless as to what she will be doing next.

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The Kelly Clarkson Show premieres on September 9 on NBC.

Source: The Kelly Clarkson Show

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