Twilight Star Kellan Lutz Thinks An Emmett/Rosalie Spinoff Could Work

Emmett and Rosalie in Twilight

Twilight star Kellan Lutz thinks that a future movie in the franchise could explore how his character, Emmett, was turned into a vampire by the love of his life, Rosalie.

Emmett and Rosalie Cullen are the adoptive siblings of Twilight's vampire heartthrob Edward, and while Rosalie was initially frosty towards Bella Swan, the two of them later became close - especially during Bella's pregnancy. Emmett, meanwhile, had a more forthright and outgoing personality, and was something of a wild child before he was turned into a vampire (and continued to be so for some time after he was turned as well).

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Speaking to Screen Rant in an interview to celebrate Twilight's tenth anniversary, Lutz was asked if he had any ideas for potential future movies in the franchise. The actor referred to a moment that was ultimately cut from the books, in which Emmett reminisced about being mortally wounded by a bear and meeting the love of his life, Rosalie:

"Stephenie [Meyer] wrote an excerpt called ‘Emmett and the Bear’ that showed how he turned into a vampire and how Rosalie saved his life. And I remember reading that and I was like, 'Man, this is so cool, I wish we could be able to show this.' Because you’re able to show Alice’s transformation, you’re able to show Jasper’s, and Rosalie’s - but not Emmett’s. So I was always kind of like, 'I wish we could do that.' And I think it would be really cool to have a spinoff of Rosalie and Emmett, that would be really fun to do."

Michael Sheen as Volturi elder Aro in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Rosalie and Emmett aren't the only characters that Lutz thinks are worthy of a spinoff movie. The actor also suggested that the franchise could take a look at the origins of the "bad guys" of Twilight - the aristocratic, human-killing coven of vampires known as the Volturi, or the smaller coven made up of James, his lover Victoria, and their vampire sibling Laurent:

"The Volturi are really interesting. I also think James and Laurent - the bad vampires from the first one - are all really interesting. So there’s definitely a lot of origin stories that you could show that would be fascinating to watch."

In contrast to Bella being turned by Edward in the violent throes of labor, Emmett recalls his death and rebirth as a rather rapturous experience. In "Emmett and the Bear" he explains to Bella that he thought Rosalie was an angel, and that being allowed to live on after his death convinced him of the existence of a merciful God. Edward's siblings didn't get a whole lot of focus in the main Twilight movies, given that they were fundamentally a love story between Edward and Bella, but if the franchise does undergo a revival it could be interesting to see Rosalie and Emmett's first meeting recreated.

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