20 Secrets You Didn't Know About Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the power of the Kardashian family, and much of that success has come from their hit television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The series kicked off over a decade ago and follows the family through their daily life events, including family struggles, marriages and breakups, successes and failures, and gives viewers an inside look at how the family interacts with each other and everyone around them.

But not everything is revealed on the reality TV show. In fact, there are plenty of dark secrets hidden behinds the scenes that many fans and foes are unaware of. These secrets impact the entire family and has been a driving force for how the show has played out in its 200-plus episodes. Naturally, people will have different reactions to these secrets, but as they say in showbiz: any publicity is good publicity. So it’s likely these behind-the-scenes antics will only continue as Keeping Up with the Kardashians continues strong through its 14th season.

Here are 20 Secrets You Never Knew Behind The Making Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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20 How Kris Allegedly Dealt With Her Daughters

Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner collage

After Robert Kardashian Sr.’s death, his personal journal was released by his wife, Ellen Pearson Kardashian. According to that journal and Pearson, Kris Jenner abused both Khloe and Kim when they were young girls. Additionally, Kris was allegedly always willing to exploit her daughters to make money while they were young, a sentiment that many feel has continued into the girls’ adulthood.

The breadth of abuse claimed by Pearson included emotional abuse by way of constant nagging about Khloe’s weight and physical and emotional abuse of Kim. Unsurprisingly, Kris has denied these abuses ever took place, and there's seemingly no evidence beyond the claims of Pearson and Kardashian Sr.'s journal. Whether or not the claims of abuse are true, there's no denying that Kris will go to extreme lengths to expand her family's financial and influential empire.

19 Kim Didn't Really Lose Her Earrings While on Vacation

Kim Kardashian Reality TV Sweetheart

The Kardashians are known to take many extravagant vacations and adventures, including one memorable visit to Bora Bora. While there, Kim reportedly lost her diamond earrings, leading the whole family searching the water for her prized jewelry. Naturally, losing something of such great worth and importance brought plenty of viewers and sparked tons of discussion online about the episode.

The problem? That didn’t actually happen. Kim didn’t lose her earrings - the move was a publicity stunt to get views. While this surely wasn’t the only time a false moment was created in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the lost earrings in Bora Bora stands out as one of the prime examples of the lack of reality in the "reality show." It also shows that viewers should reserve both judgement and sympathy whenever something negative happens on the show, as much of it is often fabricated for views.

18 The Kardashians Mistreated the Camera Crew as the Show Progressed

Reports have surfaced that the Kardashians, especially the kids, were very kind to the camera crew when Keeping Up with the Kardashians first started in 2007. However, as the show has progressed and the family has gained more fame, they have dwindled in their kindness and respect for the crews they work with, making for some unpleasant and unfriendly moments behind the scenes.

According to some sources, the Kardashians will repeatedly berate crew members and make unreasonable demands of anyone in their path. Additionally, the girls will often try to direct what happens or demand multiple reshoots of simple moments on the show in order to place themselves in the best light they can, at the expense of the rest of the family and crew.

17 Kim's Marriage to Kris Humphries was Allegedly Just for Ratings

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Look for a Wedding Cake with Help from Khloe, Rob and Kris

One of the most talked-about events of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was Kim’s extremely short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries. The marriage lasted less than three months and commanded headlines for months following the split. The whole situation was awkward and Humphries reportedly felt betrayed by Kim, feeling like the marriage was all in the name of ratings.

According to some behind-the-scenes sources, that’s exactly what the marriage was meant to do: drive awareness and ratings for the Kardashian family show. In fact, it’s been revealed that Kim wanted to air her goodbye to Humphries on the show, but the producers rejected the idea. These days, Humphries wants nothing to do with the family and has asked to be completely omitted from Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

16 Kris Humphries' Proposal was Shot More Than Once to Get the Right Angles

Kris Humphries Proposal to Kim Kardashian

As mentioned previously, one of the most discussed events of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was the relationship between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. So naturally, people were excited to tune in for Humphries’ proposal to Kim. While it’s known now that the relationship was in many ways a sham to get ratings, many viewers were understandably enthralled by the couple’s impending engagement.

When the moment came, everything happened perfectly, and apparently that’s exactly as the family wanted it. Sources have revealed that the proposal took place multiple times so the camera crew could get numerous shots in an effort to get the best angles possible for the show. In fact, some have revealed that Kim had a role in planning the placement and lighting so she could get the angles she wanted for herself.

15 Kim's Mom May Have Been the One to Leak Her Infamous Tape

Kris Jenner Leaks Tape

Easily one of the most controversial moments in the Kardashian’s saga is the release of Kim’s intimate tape with Ray-J. When the tape was first leaked, Kim slammed the company with a lawsuit in an effort to keep it out of the public eye. However, many have pointed out that Kim has made an impressive $5 million from the home movie and it’s likely the leak was a publicity move.

In fact, some have speculated that it was Kim’s mom, Kris, who actually released the tape. Many believe the release by Kris was meant to drive attention to the family, a move that worked very well. Only six months after the tape was leaked, Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired with strong viewership.

14 Kanye Bought His House to Keep Away from the Kardashian Family

With Kanye’s marriage to Kim, many expected to see the well-known hip hop star as a regular on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, especially considering his unabashed desire for attention. However, it seems Kanye recognized that the new-found attention would come at the expense of Kris Jenner making plans for him and his family in an effort to benefit from the new marriage - plans that Kanye would undoubtedly dislike.

Kanye reportedly purchased a home in Bel Air for him, Kim, and their future family in an effort to avoid the show and Kris’s power. Interestingly, Kanye has in many ways taken over the spotlight from Kim since their marriage, being the first to announce information about their family and even for Kim. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in the future.

13 Kris Allegedly Bribed a New York Post Writer for a Better Review

Kris Jenner Bribe

The Kardashians have turned their family name into a financial empire. From their show, to fashion lines, to mobile apps, the Kardashian women understand how to market their lives and brand. Naturally, such success breeds new ideas, including one from Kris to start her own talk show.

Unfortunately for Kris, her show earned negative ratings and a poor following. Undeterred by the initial reviews, Kris allegedly set out to right the wrong herself and pay for a better review. As some tell it, Kris sent a $325 Tiffany pen to a writer at The New York Post who had given her show a poor rating. The pen came with a simple note asking for a better review next time, to which the writer took offense and ignored.

12 Kim's Improvements

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Anyone who’s been watching the Kardashian family for more than a couple years knows the amount of plastic surgery Kim has done to improve her looks. There’s no denying that she has had some serious work done.  However, despite the obvious, Kim continues to maintain her claim that she’s only done a little botox and nothing else.

Many people with knowledge of how plastic surgery and other body-transforming procedures have pointed out that Kim has had liposuction and fat implants to give her better curves, but the Kardashian star is sticking to her story. Even after additional surgery following the birth of North was very apparent to everyone, Kim won’t let go of the claim that her figure is all natural save for a little botox.

11 The House Shown in the Show Isn't Kris Jenner's

Kris Jenner House

While it never lingers on the screen for very long during the show, many viewers would be interested to know that the house exterior shown in Keeping Up with the Kardashians isn’t actually Kris Jenner’s home. Her actual house is actually about 20 miles from the home in the show. The house in question is simply a prop that provides a quaint-looking abode for the Kardashian family.

In fact, the house shown on Keeping Up with the Kardashians has actually been used in many shows, including American Horror Story and True Blood. This fact came to light in a big way when the house went up for sale some time ago, and it wasn’t Jenner who was selling the home. The only surprising aspect to this discovery is that it wasn't revealed sooner, considering how often the house has been used as a prop in other shows.

10 Khloe May Not Be a Kardashian

Khloe Might Not Be Kardashian

The Kardashian family is a tight-knit group and are, for the most part, aggressive about protecting their own. However, it turns out one of the primary family members may not be a Kardashian at all. Rumors have abounded for a while that Khloe may not be a Kardashian, but was instead taken in by Robert Kardashian Sr. and inducted into the family when she was a little girl.

Numerous sources have reported that Kris told Robert repeatedly that Khloe is not his kid, and that Robert paid Alex Roland, Kris’s hairdresser, a $30 million non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet about the situation. Some have speculated that O.J. Simpson may be Khloe’s father, at least according to one of Simpson’s security guards who apparently heard it directly from Simpson.

9 North West Lives an Extravagant Lifestyle

While North West may not get as much screen time as her mother or father, that hasn’t stopped her parents from giving her an extravagant lifestyle. Everything from her clothes to her room decorations are top-of-the-line and designer-created. In fact, it's been revealed that Kanye and Kim spent well over $1 million just on North’s nursery. Everything was custom-made and ordered from top designers from around the world.

That early high-end lifestyle hasn’t slowed down much for the young West, who continues to enjoy high-end clothing and toys, which Kim is always willing to share on social media. If this pampering by her parents continues, it won’t be surprising to see North take on a similar slobby lifestyle that her mother has been reported to live.

8 Rob Kardashian Thinks the Show Ruined His Family

Rob Kardashian Hates the Show

Not everyone in the Kardashian clan is a fan of the show or the direction the family has gone. Rob Kardashian in particular has been very critical of the show and believes it’s tainted his family in terrible ways. In fact, Rob’s disdain for Keeping Up with the Kardashians led him to skip Kim’s wedding with Kanye so he could avoid the show’s cameras.

Apparently, Rob's disapproval for his family's choice of career and lifestyle is only worsening. Some sources claim that Kim believes Rob is to blame for negative publicity about the family. At this point, there are only a couple family members, including Khloe, who take time to check in on Rob or spend any amount of time socializing with him in public.

7 Kim's Was Mentioned in the O.J. Simpson Trial

O.J. Simpson during his criminal trial

Some of the Kardashian drama began long before Keeping Up with the Kardashians was even a consideration. Way back in 1995, Kim Kardashian was mentioned during the proceedings of the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

For those who don’t know, Robert Kardashian Sr. was a member of Simpson’s legal team during the trial and was a good friend of Simpson’s. In fact, at one point shortly after the murders happened and Simpson was a suspect, the former football and movie star obtained a gun and stowed away in Kim’s room in the Kardashian home, threatening to hurt himself. Kardashian didn’t want Simpson to hurt himself in his daughter’s room and taint the place he puts his daughter to bed each night, and was happy when he was able to talk Simpson down.

6 Scott and Kourtney's Fights Were Staged

As one might expect from a reality television show these days, not everything viewers see is real. In fact, many of the events on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians were staged, including Kourtney’s vicious vocal battles with Scott. Some have claimed that once the cameras stopped rolling, the duo will laugh about the filmed fight and the drama and discussion it would drive among viewers.

That said, it’s also been revealed that Scott has faced serious addictions, leading some to wonder if the fights on the show were real and the idea of them being fake is simply a cover-up for how serious the issues really are in the relationship. Regardless, there’s no denying the tension these fights create on among fans of the show.

5 Kris Jenner Cheats a Lot

Kris Jenner Cheats a Lot

Kris Jenner has reportedly had numerous affairs with friends and acquaintances of the Kardashian family, including Alex Roldan, Todd Waterman, and possibly even O.J. Simpson prior to his murder trial. In fact, it’s been said that Kris paraded her relationship with Waterman to Robert Kardashian Sr. while they were married.

Some have also reported that Bruce Jenner’s decision to leave Kris had a lot to do with her cheating, as well as her constant efforts to exploit her children for financial gain. Considering how far Kris will go to make a few bucks off the lives of her family, it's not hard to believe Bruce's claims about Kris's infidelity. With that in mind, any men in Kris’s future should be aware of her not-so-private secret of extramarital relationships.

4 Robert Kardashian's Will May Have Been Changed

Robert Kardashian Sr

After Robert Kardashian Sr.’s passing, word leaked that Khloe and others in the Kardashian family was challenging the will Kardashian Sr. had left for his family. Much of Khloe’s criticism came because she didn’t believe her father would leave certain items to his wife at the time of his death, Ellen. Instead, Khloe believed she and Kim were meant to inherit those items.

Soon after Khloe's feelings became public, Kourtney joined the contention, saying that she and Khloe believed Ellen had written the will in an effort to gain access to Kardashian family items that included deep secrets of the family. In the end, Ellen won out, with courts claiming Kardashian had, in fact, written the will. Thus, Ellen was able to retain the items given to her via the will.

3 The Kardashian Family Pushed Lamar out of Marriage with Khloe

Lamar and Khloe Kardashian

Fans of the show will remember the Lamar-Khloe days, especially considering Lamar’s high profile position as a basketball star. However, not everyone knows of Lamar’s substance abuse and womanizing that caused serious tensions between him and the Kardashian crew. It was already obvious that some members of the Kardashian family wanted nothing to do with Lamar, but it wasn't until Rob Kardashian learned of Lamar's dark secrets that he was able to work within the family to push Lamar out.

While it hasn't been validated, Lamar still claims to this day that it was the Kardashians who revealed his dark secrets to the press, which then drove a wedge between him and Khloe. There are additional claims that when Khloe learned of Lamar's actions, she secretly had a private investigator follow Lamar, a move that was influential in their eventual divorce.

2 Kardashian Girls Don't Clean Up After Themselves

Kardashian Girls Slobs

Apparently with fame comes the right to be slobs, at least according to the Kardashian’s housekeepers, who claim the Kardashian girls never clean up after themselves, yet expect their rooms and closets to always be “camera ready.” While there’s no doubt that the Kardashian women are busy with their show, their families, and numerous business ventures, some have argued that they don't have the right to be so slobbish or demanding of the housekeepers who help tend their home.

This mindset has allegedly carried through to the next generation, with Kourtney’s kids carrying on the tradition of leaving clothes strewn about for housekeepers to care for. And to top it off, if things aren’t perfect for a shot, the Kardashians will demand it be fixed or cleaned and the shot redone.

1 Keeping Up with the Kardashians is Fake


It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is fake. A couple examples have already been shared on this list that prove just how made up many of the events and dramas are on the show. Like many “reality” television shows these days, many of the arguments, intense moments, and disasters in Keeping Up with the Kardashians were completely fabricated for the sake of viewers and ratings.

Each of the Kardashians has built a brand for themselves, much of which is fake. Interestingly, some who have knowledge of the family have pointed out that Khloe is the most genuine on the show and true to her roots, while Kris is easily the most deceptive, always looking to make a buck off her “good intentions” and love for her daughters.


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