Keeping Up with the Kardashians Superfan Jennifer Lawrence Invites Kris Jenner to Wedding

Kris Jenner and Jeniffer Lawrence

Keeping Up with the Kardashians superfan Jennifer Lawrence invited Kris Jenner to her star-studded wedding this past weekend. Jenner was present at her intimate Rhode Island ceremony.

Jenner and Lawrence met, according to Jenner, through Lawrence's friends because they knew she was a fan of the show. They arranged for Jenner to surprise her on her birthday, and the rest is history. Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans may remember when Lawrence crashed the "Legally Brunette" episode - with very little advanced notice - in season 16. Lawrence and Jenner have respectively joked about getting drunk together and engaging in various shenanigans. Kim Kardashian also spoke of their friendly connection in February 2018 when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show, which Lawrence was guest-hosting. To some, Oscar-winning actress Lawrence being obsessed with reality TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians seems odd, but to them, it's just simple friendship. Lawrence is a huge reality television fan, she revealed that to handle the pressure of the dark thriller, mother!directed by her ex Darren Aronofsky, she would watch reruns of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

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According to TMZ, the 29-year-old actress married fiance Cooke Maroney in a ceremony at the Belcourt of Newport mansion in Rhode Island on Saturday with 150 guests - Kris Jenner was one of them. Apparently, the couple also invited Emma Stone, Adele, Cameron Diaz, Joel Madden, and Nicole Richie, to name a few. The latter was spotted waiting for a boat to carry them to the weekend's pre-nuptial festivities. The stars and the "momager" Jenner watched as Lawrence and Maroney merged lives under the fashionable details of planner Mark Seed at the Belcourt Mansion in Rhode Island. It was reported that Jenner decided to skip daughter Kim Kardashians' birthday to attend Lawrence's wedding.

Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian

Although the bride and groom were photographed by paparazzi arriving in Rhode Island Friday, many of the ceremony's other details are shrouded in mystery. There are early reports of the menu from Parade. The food is said to have cost the couple approximately $31,000 (USD). Lawrence hails from Kentucky; Maroney, from Vermont, so the menu reflected a lot of the rustic and comforting elements of both places. The main course was reportedly a surf and turf: Guests had a choice of either wood-roasted fish with herbs and lemon-infused butter, or leg of beef with forager's sauce.

As for right now, only Jenner was spotted at the ceremony, but there is a possibility that the other family members attended the star-studded event as well. Whether Jenner or any of the Kardashians were actually part of the ceremony itself, it is not yet known. Who knows, maybe the wedding will be featured on one of the Keeping Up with the Kardashian episodes, sine Lawrence is a superfan, anything is possible.

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Source: TMZ, Parade

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