Keeping An Eye On The Website - Revealed!

[FINAL UPDATE: The picture hiding underneath the message has been revealed! Find it at the end of this post]

[UPDATE 2: It's now down to 1 missing letter and there is a photograph underneath that may be revealed...?]

[UPDATE: Message solved: See below!]

I visit my own site a lot more often than I do, one of the viral sites for The Dark Knight, so I figured I would just keep an eye on what's going on with that Halloween pumpkin with the candle that's burning down right here. :-)

Here's what the message looks like as of 3:20PM EST:

The final message:


To see the image that was hidden beneath the message see below...

Click on the above image for the final reveal.

On the website, if you then click on that image, you'll be greeted with yet another viral marketing bit (these guys just don't stop!) on a website called Rory's Death Kiss:

Click here to visit

Thanks to the amazing gathering of intense Batman fans over at the Superherohype forums!!!

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