Fan Petition Suggests Keanu Reeves for Time's Person of the Year

Keanu Reeves as John Wick in John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

A new fan petition is calling for John Wick star Keanu Reeves to be named Time’s Person of the Year. Thanks to his performance in the action packed John Wick films, the latest of which was released in May to healthy box office returns, Reeves is now back among the top stars in Hollywood.

Of course, Reeves first came to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s thanks to his roles in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its sequel Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, as well as his performance in the high-concept action movie Speed. But Reeves’ star ascended to a new level when he played the iconic Neo in the influential blockbuster The Matrix and its two (less well-regarded) sequels. Reeves’ career then went through a lot of ups and downs before he scored the role of dog-loving hitman John Wick and surged back to prominence. In recent years, Reeves has also become something of an internet obsession, with loads of memes devoted to his exploits.

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Now, fans of Keanu Reeves are lobbying for their favorite actor to receive one of the biggest honors around: the distinction of being named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. A petition is now circulating on calling for Reeves to receive the prestigious honor normally reserved for world leaders like Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Pope Francis. “Keanu is the most wholesome person alive, make him the person of the year!” reads the petition’s succinct pitch on behalf of Reeves. At last count the petition had 2,069 signatures on its way to a goal of 2,500.

Given Reeves’ huge popularity, it should be easy for the petition to make its relatively modest goal. Luckily for the many fans of Reeves, the actor has plenty of upcoming projects to look forward to. This weekend, Reeves lends his voice to the critically lauded Toy Story 4 with the character of Duke Caboom, a daredevil action figure. Early next year, Reeves appears in the much hyped video game Cyberpunk 2077, which the actor recently touted at Microsoft's E3 2019 conference. And of course, Reeves will also reprise the role of Ted “Theodore” Logan in the highly anticipated sequel Bill and Ted Face the Music. Down the road, Reeves will return to the John Wick franchise for a fourth time, and has also been announced for the Netflix film Past Midnight as well as the Showtime series Rain.

After coming back from a long career slump to again become one of the most popular actors around, Keanu Reeves winning Time’s Person of the Year would be icing on the cake. Of course, there’s zero chance of Reeves winning that honor, with or without a fan petition. But that won’t make any difference to Reeves’ many fans, who will no doubt continue loving him anyway.

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