Casting Keanu Reeves In The MCU: The Best Characters He Could Play

Keanu Reeves With MCU Anniversary Background

Which character could Keanu Reeves play if he ever joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe? With Phase 4 of the MCU on the way, a number of films will need to be cast in the near future. We put together a list of Marvel characters that Reeves would perfectly encapsulate.

Reeves is currently the man of the moment in Hollywood. The 54-year-old just came off of another successful John Wick film, which dethroned Avengers: Endgame's top spot at the box office when it debuted. He served up a hilarious cameo in Netflix's Always Be My Maybe where he played a heightened version of himself. To top it all off, Reeves just appeared in Toy Story 4 as the voice of Canadian stuntman Duke Caboom as well.

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It's hard to believe that Reeves has yet to be cast in a major film franchise like the MCU. Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige has stated that he's been in contact with Reeves to join nearly every movie but he's waiting for the perfect role. While it would be great if Reeves played characters like Quasar or Wraith, here are five characters we believe Reeves could truly play in the MCU.

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock Wearing the Infinity Gauntlet in Marvel Comics

Adam Warlock has long been speculated to make his MCU debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Whether that happens is yet to be seen, but the franchise has been hinting at his existence in the shared universe for quite some time. As an anti-hero, Adam's induction into the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie would give James Gunn a fun character to develop on-screen.

The cosmic superhuman has a complicated comic book history. Portraying an enigmatic figure like Adam would play into Reeves' skillset. He tends to play mysterious figures in his movie roles with a reserved demeanor in the real world. Reeves already has the build to play a superhero and he's certainly no stranger to stunt work. The actor might not have a direct visual comparison at first look but hair dye could resolve that issue.

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Similar to Adam Warlock, Namor the Sub-Mariner could be portrayed as a hero or a villain due to his various comic book arcs. The character is the mutant son of a human sea captain and an Atlantean princess. Namor has a number of superhuman and aquatic abilities. He serves as the defender for the undersea kingdom of Atlantis but he has a history of allowing his misguidances to get the best of him. Due to his short temper, he sometimes finds himself finding against humanity, rather than defending it.

Marvel Studios had initial plans to feature Namor in their movies but the rights to the character were tricky at the time. His character may have been hinted at in Avengers: Endgame when Okoye reported an underwater disturbance was detected under Wakanda. If Namor ever does make his way to the MCU, Reeves would be a suitable choice for the role. Reeves already has the dark hair and the brooding look. Since Black Panther 2 is in development, there's still plenty of time to get Reeves on board. It was Okoye who mentioned the prospect of Namor's existence so it makes sense he would be in the Black Panther sequel.

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Moon Knight (Marc Spector)

Moon Knight has long been rumored to be the focus of a solo movie for years. James Gunn reportedly pitched an idea for a Moon Knight movie to the studio back in 2017. It's possible that the character is gearing up to make his MCU debut in Phase 4 or beyond. Moon Knight also goes by the alias Marc Spector. Before becoming a mercenary, Spector became a U.S. Marine and a CIA operative. During a mission, he was left for dead in the desert. He later dies but Spector's body is dragged to the foot of a statue dedicated to the moon god, Khonshu. He quickly revives, believing that Khonshu resurrected him to serve as the moon's knight of vengeance.

Starring in Moon Knight would give Reeves the chance to play a lead role in a Marvel movie. It's possible that the actor wants something bigger than a supporting part in one of the other films. Portraying a villain or an antihero is thrilling, but the names being thrown around are most likely short-term roles. If Reeves played Moon Knight, he could have a long future in the MCU.

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Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Mister Fantastic Reed Richards

Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it means that Marvel now has the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. There are currently eight upcoming Marvel movies, which have been lined up between 2020 and the end of 2022. Surely the studio has plans to introduce the characters previously owned by Fox into the MCU sooner rather than later. If that's the case, Marvel should reboot the Fantastic Four, especially after Fox's failed attempt in 2015.

Reeves could definitely portray Mr. Fantastic if the MCU decides to incorporate the superhero team. Mr. Fantastic, also known as Reed Richards, is the founding member of the Fantastic Four. He's best known for his ability to stretch his body to great lengths but he's also the leader of the team. Due to Reeves' age and maturity, the actor would make a great leader in Mr. Fantastic. Let's face it, he's no longer the age of some of the other current Marvel stars so seeing him in a father figure role would be ideal.

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Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

silver surfer board in space

Mr. Fantastic isn't the only character Reeves effectively could play in the Fantastic Four franchise. He could also make for a superb Silver Surfer. The humanoid alien, who also goes by Norrin Radd, is technically a villain but he doesn't shy away from doing some good. He values freedom and serves as the protector of his homeworld Zenn-La. After his planet is invaded by Galactus, the Radd strikes a deal with him. In exchange for leaving Zenn-La alone, Radd promises to act as Galactus' herald in the search of new worlds to consume. Galactus eventually agrees and transforms Radd into the Silver Surfer.

If the events of the Fantastic Four comes back into the spotlight, it would be interesting to see Reeves play a version of Radd during his transformation into the Silver Surfer. This would also more screentime for Reeves, rather than just the view of the silver alien flying around on a metal surfboard. Reeves could still voice the character as he's previously has shown that he's capable of voice-over work.

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The MCU could aim even higher for Reeves' role and allow him to portray the ultimate cosmic entity that turned Norrin Radd into the Silver Surfer. Galactus is revered as one of the best villains in Marvel Comics history. He was once a mortal man but he has since turned into a being that consumes planets to sustain his life force. Galactus is said to be the sole survivor from the Big Bang and has existed for billions of years. He is also the most feared entity in the cosmos.

Feige has claimed that any new Marvel Cinematic Universe roles are Reeves' for the taking. He won't be able to get much bigger than Galactus. With Thanos now out of the picture (at least in the primary timeline), Marvel will need a new big bad to fill the void. If they ever decide to build up to something as big as Avengers: Endgame, Galactus might be one of their only options.

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