Keanu Reeves Doesn't Know Anything About Matrix Reboot

Keanu Reeves admits that he's as much in the dark about the in-development The Matrix franchise reboot as everyone else right now.

If a reboot of The Matrix franchise is happening, original star Keanu Reeves doesn’t know anything about it. The original Matrix was a groundbreaking sci-fi adventure, full of inventive action scenes, heady philosophy and pioneering special effects. Certain elements may not have aged well, but The Matrix is rightly considered a classic of the genre.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for the two sequels; Reloaded and Revolution. The action became bigger and the effects flashier, but both movies failed to grab fans the way the original movie did, and are far less fondly remembers in general, by comparison. The franchise has been more or less quiet since Revolutions hit theaters in 2003, but reports from earlier this year revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures is actively working on reviving the Matrix franchise.

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The idea of a Matrix remake/reboot was put to Keanu Reeves during the New York Comic Con panel for his new movie Replicas, and he didn’t react with much excitement. There were loud boos from the audience as the question was asked, and Reeves responded: "Remaking The Matrix. I don’t know. Maybe it’s… I don’t know anything about it."

Matrix - Red pill or blue pill scene

The Matrix reboot writer Zak Penn has already described the project as being less of a reboot and more of a continuation of the larger franchise. Some fans have speculated that the film will be an origin story for Morpheus, who was played by Laurence Fishburne in the original Matrix trilogy. Michael B Jordan is said to be Warner Bros.' top pick to star in the movie, but details beyond that are being kept under lock and key for the time being.

Based on his response at the Replicas NYCC panel alone, it's safe to assume that Reeves isn't currently involved with the Matrix reboot. The actor has said in the past that he would only be interested in returning to the Matrix franchise if The Wachowskis were creatively involved, but after the critical drubbing that faced the last two Matrix movies - and the high profile failure of their most recent studio movie Jupiter Ascending - Warner Bros. may be seeking different talent for the property's relaunch.

Regardless, Reeves is hardly hurting for work at this point in his career. In addition to the science fiction drama Replicas, he's also set to return for John Wick 3 in 2019. A revival of The Matrix could happen without him of course, but without his involvement, audiences may not be so interested in plugging back into the series once again.

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Source: IGN

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