Keanu Reeves Updates Us on 'Cowboy Bebop', '47 Ronin' & More

If you haven't heard the name Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub, then allow me to introduce: he's Collider's prolific (and on point) interviewer. While at the Toronto International Film Festival Frosty had a chance to catch up with Keanu Reeves, and the way I hear it, while other journalists sat idle Frosty went in full-force, asking Reeves about every movie he's been connected with in the last year or so.

Two films of particular interest to you Screen Rant readers will likely be Cowboy Bebop and the Samurai action flick 47 Ronin, both of which Reeves was set to star in.

On the subject of Cowboy Bebop, Reeves had the following to say:

Collider: You were attached to Cowboy Bebop for a little while.  Any update on that?

Reeves:  I haven’t heard anything back.  They turned in the script and it was very expensive.  I don’t know if they’re going to…it would cost, like, half a billion dollars to make that script.  So, I don’t know where it’s at right now.

What? An interstellar action movie with Kung Fu, space chases, aliens and multi-planet settings would cost a thick wad to make? All sarcasm aside, That's a bummer to hear. I love Cowboy Bebop and Spike Spiegel was a role I thought would be well-suited to Keanu's...distinct personality.

47 ronin keanu reeves carl rinsch

The good news is, things are looking slightly more hopeful for 47 Ronin, the true-life story of 47 Samurai who embark on a suicide mission to avenge their slain master. Last we heard, Ridley Scott protege (and potential son-in-law) Carl Rinsch was in the director's chair, with Reeves being eyed as the lead.

Here's what Reeves had to say about the Project:

How about 47 Ronin?

Reeves: We are hopefully going to make 47 Ronin.

Is Carl Rinsch still on it?

eeves: Yeah.

Is it creeping forward or is it an express train forward?

Reeves: I think it’s a creeping express train.  Which means that they’ve done pre-production, we’re still working on the script, they’re done pre-viz, and they’re doing location scouting.  It’s ready to go. It’s a bullet train in waiting.

Alot of our readers weren't exactly sold on the notion of Keanu Reeves playing a Samurai, but I for one genuinely believe that he has the Zen-like disposition for a warrior who is battling toward his own doom. I bet Reeves' expression won't even twitch in the face of death!

So: bad news for Cowboy Bebop fans and good news for those excited about 47 Ronin.

Steve Weintraub also got Reeves to talk about other projects he's attached to, including a film that I'll only refer to as "Keanu and Two Call Girls", Henry's Crime (a film which Reeves is currently getting praise for), and a comedy that Reeves himself is developing (you heard right).

For more info on those films you'll have to head over to Collider.

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