Keanu Reeves Would Love to Play John Constantine Again in Sequel

In a candid interview, Keanu Reeves says that he would jump at the opportunity of playing the lead role in a hypothetical Constantine sequel.

Constantine 2005

John Wick star Keanu Reeves says he wants another crack at the world of DC Comics' Constantine, having portrayed demon-slaying protagonist John Constantine back in a 2005 film adaptation. Though some fans of the TV character may object, DC Comics should seriously consider taking him up on the offer if the price is right.

On top of DC's current internal scramble to produce films like last year's Aquaman that can hope to compete with the moneymaking juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the company would also be wise to give Reeves a chance to reprise his leading Constantine role because the actor has made a massive resurgence in recent years. His most obvious accomplishment of the decade is his star performance in the crowd-drawing John Wick franchise, including the recent premiere of the excellent John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, but he's been up to far more since the end of the Matrix series. Just this year, production is scheduled to begin on an all-new Bill and Ted movie, slotted for a 2020 release window.

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In a Variety podcast interview, Reeves was promoting John Wick: Chapter 3 when he was asked if there were any characters he had played in the past that he'd like to revisit at some point. Without missing a beat, Reeves responded that his top choice would be his 2005 role as the chain smoking holy man as he has "always wanted to play John Constantine again." Sharing that his love for the Constantine universe continues to burn fourteen years after the fact, Reeves, said, "I just had a blast playing the character and any [sic] of that world."

John Constantine is currently portrayed by Matt Ryan on the CW's Legends of Tomorrow, having joined the cast first as a series regular in the third season and become a main member in the fourth. Ryan originally breathed new life into the much less fatalist take on the character in NBC's cancelled Constantine TV adaptation in 2015, so it's understandable that fans of the Arrowverse may prefer Ryan for the role if the opportunity ever arises. However, it's hard to argue that he carries the same star power essential for today's big-screen DC Extended Universe as Reeves does. Also, if it were a true sequel to the 2005 film or a more faithful adaptation of the written source material, it would likely make more sense for DC to opt for an outside actor like Reeves to avoid making Ryan's rendition of Constantine say and do mature things that wouldn't fly on TV.

Of course, a Constantine sequel seems highly unlikely at the moment, so who would carry the grim role when or if it's ever revisited is anyone's guess. However, from his kind, joking demeanor in the interview to his chillingly badass performances in the John Wick films, it's clear that Reeves is very much so on top of his game, so a return to John Constantine's supernatural journey - or really any leading role - isn't out of the question for the actor.

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Source: Variety

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