Keanu Reeves Casts Doubt On Bill & Ted 3

Despite recent reports suggesting Bill & Ted 3 is definitely happening, star Keanu Reeves says there are still obstacles that could prevent the movie from getting made. Released in 1989, the original Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, starring Reeves and Alex Winter as pair of time-traveling California slackers, was never a huge box office hit. However, the film achieved enough presence in pop culture to spawn the 1991 sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

Nearly 30 years after Bill and Ted first graced movie screens, many fans still feel a tremendous fondness for the characters. Hopes for a new Bill and Ted adventure began rising in recent years, as reports circulated that there was a script in the works from original Bill and Ted writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, and that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were game to return. In May 2018, fans' dreams seemed to be realized when plans for Bill and Ted Face the Music were officially announced, with Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot set to lead the way.

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But now it appears Bill & Ted 3 is not as much of a done deal as originally thought. Speaking to Yahoo!, Reeves indicated that there are still hurdles that need to be crossed before the sequel can be considered a sure thing. But Reeves did insist these potential issues are not on the creative side of things. Reeves said:

“I don’t know if it’s a reality. We’ve been trying for a long time to get that film made, and it still has its challenges. I really love the characters, and I think we have a good story to tell. Part of it is show business stuff — financing, rights, deals. Nothing creatively.”

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

It sounds as though Reeves remains optimistic that Bill & Ted 3 will still get made, but wants to caution against everyone getting too far ahead of themselves. Reeves certainly has been in the movie business long enough to know how things can fall apart, and wants to make sure that all the legalities and money issues have been settled before he 100% convinces himself that the movie is happening. As of last report, Bill and Ted Face the Music is set to go before cameras beginning in January 2019.

If Bill & Ted 3 does in fact clear its final hurdles and come to fruition as hoped, the story will catch up with Bill and Ted as middle-aged men whose dreams of rock and roll stardom still have not come to pass. After being told by a visitor from the future that humanity is still in peril (their band Wyld Stallyns was supposed to write the greatest song ever and thereby save the world), Bill and Ted go back in time accompanied by their daughters, this time in search of that one perfect song that will bring them fame and allow them to at last fulfill their most excellent destiny.

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