Keanu Green Band Trailer: Key & Peele To The Rescue

Fans of popular comedic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of the Comedy Central sketch comedy program Key and Peele, may have already seen the red band trailer for their first feature film due out this April. Keanu is set to star Key and Peele as two hapless schmucks looking to rescue their recently adopted pet kitten - who, in a bizarre series of presumed felonies and misdemeanors, has been catnapped by a local gang lord, played by none other than Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Based on the footage released thus far, Keanu should offer fans of the starring duo's sketch comedy stylings plenty of comedic fodder to help them get over the conclusion of their hit Comedy Central show. The newly-released Keanu green band trailer serves as further indication of just that.

Most of the footage in the Keanu green band trailer was also included in the red band cut, though this time around some of the more mature and colorful elements of the film's gangster movie antics have been cleaned up - for the sake of general audiences, of course. The Keanu footage still earns more than its fair share of laughs even without its R-Rated material, suggesting that Warner Bros. Pictures may indeed have a hit on its hands here - thanks in no small part to the film's comedic stars.

Key and Peele in Keanu (2016)

If everything falls into place on Keanu, Key and Peele - working here alongside two of their frequent Key and Peele TV show collaborators in screenwriter Alex Rubens and director Peter Atencio - may be able to deliver a film in keeping with their much beloved Comedy Central show, and might just win a few new fans too, thanks to their grandly satirical action/comedy romp. Even if the actual film result ultimately does little more than cater to the duo's built-in audience, Keanu should at least have the entertainment value of an hour and a half long Key and Peele comedy sketch.

With any luck, Keanu should offer Key and Peele fans plenty of laughs and sophomorically minded good will to make the comedy team's latest outing well worth their time and effort. However, until the time of the film's release, viewers will just have to bide their time until the movie's irresistibly adorable premise arrives on the scene.

Keanu will open in U.S. theaters on April 29th, 2016.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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