Posters For Key & Peele's Keanu Spoof Oscar Nominees

Keanu - Mad Max Fury Road

Fans of Comedy Central's Key & Peele -- which was created by and starred comics Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key -- were surprised when the duo decided to end the show after five seasons. With certain recurring sketches like 'Luther: Obama’s Anger Translator' and 'Rap Album Confessions' proving highly popular -- Luther even appeared opposite President Obama during the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner speech -- fans were expecting something new from Key & Peele sooner rather than later.

Their next project quickly materialized in the form of the action-comedy Keanu and if the film's red-band trailer is any indication, Key & Peele are about to explore the stereotypes revolving around black male masculinity in their own unique and often hilarious way. The duo play two decidedly suburban friends who must pose as the badass gangster-types they definitely aren't in order to retrieve Peele's beloved pet kitten, "Keanu."

As biracial entertainers, Key & Peele have proven themselves remarkably adept at skewering the nonsensical aspects of different cultures and finding thought-provoking comedy in the tensions between different walks of life. Now, a batch of new posters for Keanu poke fun at a slew of Oscar-nominated fare like The Revenant, The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Big Short. Take a look at the new posters below (via Deadline).

Keanu Oscars Poster - The Revenant
Keanu Oscars Poster - The Martian
Keanu Oscars Poster - The Big Short
Keanu Oscars Poster - Mad Max Fury Road

While one point of these new posters may be to illustrate the over-serious way some of these high profile Oscar contenders approach their marketing material (while proving that those original posters were seriously lacking in a gangsta kitten wrapped in bling), the main thrust is to simply have fun with some of the past year's most iconic film marketing images.

Anyone looking for a hint of Key & Peele's signature social commentary will have to wait for Keanu's premiere this April, but the juxtaposition of some of the most ever-present marketing material with a glowering kitten in a do-rag is an amusing (if familiar) marketing approach. For fans of the duo's more subversive sketches, these posters may be far too lightweight and could be a signal that Keanu's humor will be a bit more mass-market friendly than their TV work.

Or maybe not. The red-band trailer took aim at a whole slew of different stereotypes which have been ever-present in films and on television for decades. A dose of authentic-looking action mayhem may bring the crowds, but the laughs are sure to stick in our throats.

Keanu will open in U.S. theaters on April 29th, 2016.

Source: Deadline

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