Katy Keene & Nancy Drew Trailers Tease New CW TV Shows

Kennedy McMann in Nancy Drew CW TV show

The CW has dropped trailers for its upcoming shows Katy Keene and Nancy Drew. As well-known as the network is for its DC superhero series (especially those in the Arrowverse), The CW's original programming extends well beyond shows about costumed crime-fighters. In recent years, they're aired everything from musical comedies (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) to telenovela parodies (Jane the Virgin) and even zombie shows (iZombie), among other series with a YA bend. They also have Riverdale, the popular re-imagining of the Archie Comics as a stylishly campy noir crime drama.

In the wake of Riverdale's ongoing success, The CW has developed a spinoff titled Katy Keene, which hales from Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and writer Michael Grassi. The network has also green-lit a brand new adaptation of the Nancy Drew novels, with Stephanie Savage and John Schwartz (fresh off collaborating on The CW's Dynasty reboot) serving as the series' architects. And now that both shows have been officially picked up for the 2019-2020 TV season, their respective marketing campaigns are getting underway.

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The CW has released trailers for both Katy Keene and Nancy Drew online, as you can see in the space below. The former is really just a teaser, but the latter offers an extensive three-minute sneak peek at the show's pilot.

While Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) plays the titular character in Katy Keene, the spinoff is more of an ensemble series that follows four characters: fashion lover Katy, performer Jorge Lopez (Johnny Beauchamp) and his drag queen alter ego, Ginger, socialite Pepper Smith (Julia Chan), and Riverdale's own star singer-songwriter Josie McCoy, who's a little older here but still played by Ashleigh Murray. As the teaser establishes, Katy Keene follows these 20-somethings as they live, love, and struggle to make ends meet in New York, all while pursuing their artistic passions and dreams. The footage is a far cry from Riverdale in terms of tone and style, but that's to be expected based on the premise alone. And it's a good thing too, since it means Katy Keene shouldn't feel like a mere rehash of its predecessor.

Nancy Drew, on the other hand, looks and feels a whole lot like Riverdale in this trailer, from its red-haired protagonist to its murder-mystery plot and hints of supernatural elements that might not be real. The show revolves around eighteen year old sleuth Nancy (Kennedy McMann), who's about to leave her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine, for college when a family tragedy strikes and derails her plans. Before she knows it, though, Nancy's caught up trying to solve the mystery surrounding the death of a local wealthy socialite - a mystery that threatens to expose the various secrets that Horseshoe Bay's residents have been hiding. Again, it's all very reminiscent of Riverdale season 1, which may make it harder for Nancy Drew to stand out from the rest of the crowd on The CW.

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Nancy Drew premieres this fall on The CW, with Katy Keene debuting mid-season.

Source: The CW [2]

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