Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff As Typhoid Mary In Daredevil Reboot?

As you may already know, Fox and Marvel want to reboot both the Fantastic Four and Daredevil and it looks like a certain "Starbuck" may be angling to play none other than Typhoid Mary!

Recently, Katee Sackhoff ("Starbuck" on Battlestar Galactica) was seen at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles purchasing as many comics featuring Typhoid Mary as possible. Now of course there's no guarantee that she'll be playing the pyrokinetic villain, or is even being considered, but it's a darn good bet she wants to play her!

Other actors, actresses and filmmakers have been seen buying a lot of comics which always leads to speculation of their involvement.  For instance, last September we reported that Eva Longoria was seen walking out of Marvel Studios offices with some Avengers comics in her hand, and it was speculated that she would be playing Wasp in The Avengers movie.  Of course she denied it and not much has been seen or heard about it since.  Could it happen?  Maybe, but The Avengers is still a few years out so other than Iron Man and Thor, no other casting announcements have been made.

When David S. Goyer was seen at a comic shop a few years back buying a lot of Batman comics, the speculation that he was working on Batman Begins was of course dead on.

So what do you think?  Should Katee get the part of Typhoid Mary?  I wouldn't mind it: she's smart, a great actress, and very beautiful.  (Learn more about Typhoid Mary here.)  Though I liked the first Daredevil (I'm ducking out of the line of fire), I wouldn't mind seeing a reboot, especially with Katee Sackhoff as a sexy villain!

Source: Golden Apple's blog, Typhoid Mary art by Alex Maleev

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