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Katee Sackhoff Interested Ms Marvel

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Katee Sackhoff talks Ms. Marvel and Expendabelles; Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve nabs a new project; Darren Aronofsky will not direct Red Sparrow; Oliver Stone's MLK biopic loses steam; and Miles Teller will play Dan Aykroyd in the John Belushi biopic.


While out promoting the home video release of Riddick, Katee Sackhoff discussed the possibility of playing Ms. Marvel and teased the tone of the female Expendables film.

Katee Sackhoff Interested Ms Marvel

As far as the female Expendables film is concerned, Sackhoff says the script is "amazing." Much like the male version, headlined by Sylvester Stallone, the forthcoming film will sport a "hard, gritty, and nasty approach," according to Sackhoff. It certainly sounds like they have the tone right, but we will have to wait and see how the various other moving pieces come together.

With regards to Ms. Marvel, Sackhoff said she'd "be stupid if [she] wasn't interested," and continued by sharing her love for strong female characters in comics, among other mediums.

Obviously, there is no official offer out to the Battlestar Galactica star, but there is a fan campaign pushing for her to take on the role. Not to mention, Marvel reportedly expressed interest in casting Sackhoff in one of their upcoming films. Could this be the first tease of an inevitable casting announcement?

Source: Metro


The forthcoming sci-fi adaptation The Story of Your Life has found its director in Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners).

Denis Villeneuve Direct Story of Your Life

Villeneuve will work off a script by Eric Heisserer that is, itself, based on a short story by Ted Chiang. Chiang's short story was published in 1998 and went on to win the Nebula Award for excellence in sci-fi writing.

The story in…er…The Story of Your Life follows a female linguist who is hired to communicate with a race of aliens that unexpectedly land on Earth. However, as the linguist learns the alien's language she also discovers some harrowing secrets about humanity's past.

Although Prisoners was more of an intense character drama, Villeneuve's previous work has been more along the lines of high concept "think pieces," which makes The Story of Your Life right up his alley. The premise certainly sounds intriguing, and the Nebula Award win suggests there is some substance to the material.

Source: THR


Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky has decided he will not direct Red Sparrow, the forthcoming espionage thriller in development at Fox.

Darren Aronofsky Not Directing Red Sparrow

While the project, which centers on a female Soviet spy forced to become a "sparrow," or seductress, for a naïve CIA officer, sounds right up Aronofsky's alley, things apparently couldn't come together. Now, the Oscar-nominated director is back on the hunt for his next project, which may or may not be The General, and Fox begins their search for a director anew.

In the mean time, Aronofsky will be plenty busy putting the finishing touches on his biblical epic Noah, which releases in late March.

Source: THR


Speaking of Oscar-nominated, or in this case Oscar-winning, directors dropping projects, it appears Oliver Stone's Martin Luther King biopic has run out of steam and will not be moving forward.

Paul Greengrass' Martin Luther King Jr. project Memphis back on track

Stone broke the news on Twitter, claiming that he did an extensive rewrite on the feature but the producers "won't go with it." Furthermore, Stone claims that the King estate would not approve his particular approach. In other words, Stone's film ran into the same immovable force that Paul Greengrass' Memphis did, and a deal could not be reached, at least not if Stone's script is attached.

Since it's pretty clear that Stone's vision will not meet the silver screen, he revealed some details from the script that you can read below:

The script dealt w/ issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation into a higher, more radical being

— Oliver Stone (@TheOliverStone) January 17, 2014

Say what you will about Stone as a filmmaker, but there's no denying he approaches his films with a unique perspective. Whether that angle is always the "best" is another matter entirely.

Source: Oliver Stone - Twitter


Rising star Miles Teller will reportedly play Dan Aykroyd in the forthcoming John Belushi biopic.

Miles Teller Might Play Dan Aykroyd in John Belushi Biopic

Emile Hirsch, who will play Belushi in the film, broke the news at a party held during the Sundance Film Festival saying:

"A shout-out to Miles Teller! We’re going to be working together soon. He’s playing Dan Aykroyd in the Belushi movie.”

Although Belushi's career was filled with plenty of top talent collaborators, Aykroyd and the late actor had a special bond, both as SNL cast members and as The Blues Brothers. In fact, the real Dan Aykroyd is producing this biopic.

Teller's representation is not denying that an offer is out to the Spectacular Now star, but they are also claiming a deal has not been struck. They say the actor is focused on promoting his new films Whiplash, which just premiered at Sundance, and That Awkward Moment, which releases wide January 31st.

Source: THR

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