Kate Plus 8: Jon Calls Out Ex Wife for Letting Kids Film Show Despite Judge Ruling

Jon Gosselin calls out ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, for letting their kids film the TLC show Kate Plus 8, despite a judge ruling against it.

Jon and Kate Gosselin Jon and Kate Plus 8

Jon Gosselin called out ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, for letting their kids film Kate Plus 8, despite an official judge ruling against it. The two parents have been at odds ever since their messy and public breakup.

The Pennsylvania mom and dad are parents to twins Cara and Maddy and sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Leah, and Alexis. The couple were married for ten years, but decided to go their separate ways in June of 2009, officially revealing to fans that they had filed for divorce. The end of the marriage was finalized in December of 2010.

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After Jon’s custody win with their son, he spoke out against his ex-wife Kate when she let the TLC network film her children on a Kate Plus 8 special after a judge ruled that the constant filming was not in the children’s best interest. Jon alleged that the children have said that they do not want to be on TV anymore, but are forced to participate because their mother had become comfortable with her luxury lifestyle. In an interview with the Daily Mail on October 10, the dad of eight said he was “furious” with the network and accused them of not caring about the well-being of his children, saying that big corporations could do whatever they want, ignoring a parent's legal right. The 42-year-old DJ went on to say that both a judge and guardian ad litem agreed that it was not in the kids’ best interest to be filmed.

Kate Plus 8


Jon told fans in September that he was constantly in fear for his children’s safety, implying he does not know what his ex-wife was capable of, and inferring that mental or physical abuse could be happening behind closed doors. Recently, he was granted permission to remove his son Collin from the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute after his son wrote him a letter begging to be taken home. The 15-year-old was diagnosed with ADHD and had been admitted to the facility by Kate. In the letter, Collin said that he had asked for his mother to pick him up, but she said no; he even accused her of being physically abusive to him.

While there has been no comment from Kate, fans are once again shocked by the allegations they are hearing. In the Kate Plus 8 special on October 1, fans watched as the twins readied themselves for college. The one-hour special mainly focused on Cara, Maddy, and Kate, with glimpses of the sextuplets when they joined them for family meals. Viewers have loved to watch all the children grow up on camera and experience their everyday life, and they can only hope that these allegations are sorted quickly.

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Source: Daily Mail

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