Kate Gosselin Defends Reputation & Explains Why Her Kids Don't See Jon

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Kate Gosselin recently defended her reputation, while also explaining why her kids don't see her ex-husband Jon. Since separating with Jon back in 2009, the mother of eight has run into some struggles in the public eye when it comes to co-parenting.

Kate achieved fame on the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, in which viewers followed her and Jon as they raised their family of sextuplets and twins. Kate admitted that she was fortunate that the spinoff show Kate Plus 8 came into her life when it did, lasting for over a decade. Without the financial support of the show, the reality star admitted that she wasn’t sure where her family would be if it weren't for the show.

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In an appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show (via: The Ashley's Reality Roundup), Kate opened up about the TV show as a safety net, telling Jenny that money is still a source of stress for her. She said, “[Money] is a huge concern for me. Again, people think ‘She makes [a lot]’ - Nope! You divide that by eight.” She was on the radio program to promote Kate Plus Date, her new dating show on TLC. She also addressed life as a single mother to eight children, and how she and her ex-husband have been divorced for years. Two of the former couple’s kids currently live full-time with Jon, while the others stay with Kate.

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Kate also addressed the rumors that she is a cruel mother and difficult to work with, maintaining that they were simply not true. Kate explained that being called a bad mother repeatedly in tabloids were “hurtful" and "a very huge misconception.” However, she admitted that as a mother she does have expectations, but that it’s all out of love, stressing that she only wants the best for her children. She also mentioned that her prospective suitors on Kate Plus Date were surprised that she was not as harsh as they expected.

One topic Kate was reluctant to talk about was that of ex-husband Jon. In December 2018, Jon claimed that twins Cara and Mady, as well as four of the six sextuplets Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden, who all live with Kate, would not speak to him. Jenny asked whether the children were allowed to see their father, which Kate said was a “complicated question.” She responded that some of the kids did, but she did not force them to, as she was in favor of letting her children make their own decisions.

The negative rumors about Kate’s personality and temperament have persisted since the early days of her reality show. Her contentious relationship with Jon, which repeatedly landed them in the headlines, has been a nightmare for her reputation. Subsequent appearances on television, like her disastrous turn as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, did not exactly help matters. However, Kate Plus Date could be part of a bigger plan to rehabilitate her image, by moving the kids further out of the picture to focus on the TLC star in a more sympathetic light.

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New episodes of Kate Plus Date air Mondays at 10pm EST on TLC.

Source: The Jenny McCarthy Show (via: Ashley's Reality Roundup)

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