Kate Beckinsale to Return to the Underworld?

This week in movie news the Underworld franchise is making a big splash. From news of a fourth movie in planning that would move the franchise into the 3D trend, to an update that Screen Gems is looking to launch a second full trilogy, it looked like Underworld would be around for a long time.

The rumored plan is that the new trilogy would hopefully bring back Kate Beckinsale’s character and now it seems we may be very close to getting confirmation that the star of the franchise will be back in the fan-favorite role as the death-dealing vampire, Selene.According to two sources of our friend Brad Miska at Bloody Disgusting, Kate Beckinsale is set to return to the franchise. However, they’ve been unable to get official confirmation as of yet.

My guess is that Beckinsale will return. The continuous Underworld updates this week keep building on each other and there will definitely be something major soon. This is arguably her most famous role and she has a relatively open schedule at the moment. As the star of the franchise, fans and the studio want her back so she can help drive the franchise to more success in the future.

Kate, please do this for us :)

Let’s not forget that the next Underworld movie is coming in 3D. Now that the movie has a recognizable brand name, bringing back the star and presenting the next film in the 3D format will build a lot of hype and should allow for some significant growth at the box office.

No word yet on other actors/character returning, but if these movies are sequels, we can expect Scott Speedman to make a return (his schedule is also open at the moment).

Expect more news on this soon.

Are you excited to see Kate back in action as the leather-clad Death Dealer?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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