Karl Urban Says Tarantino's Star Trek Is What the Franchise Needs

Star Trek co-star Karl Urban thinks a Quentin Tarantino movie is exactly what the franchise needs. The 2017 announcement that Tarantino would direct an R-rated Star Trek sequel took many by surprise. While the filmmaker is a well-known fan of the series, he's generally shunned working on adaptations or sequels to other properties in favoring of developing his own material.

Tarantino is currently in pre-production on his next movie Once A Upon A Time In Hollywood, so while he works on that writer Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) will write a draft of his Star Trek movie. Tarantino pitched the concept for the sequel himself, but nothing is known about the proposed story. The filmmaker has spoken in the past of wanting to make an epic time-travel story set in the Star Trek universe like "City On The Edge Of Forever", but for now, the plot is top secret.

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While some fans have questioned whether Tarantino is the right fit for a sequel or if it really needs to be R-rated, Karl Urban revealed in an interview with Yahoo! that he thinks the filmmaker is what the series needs, stating “I know nothing more than you guys do! My personal belief is that he’s probably the exact kind of energy the franchise needs.” The story has yet to be revealed to the actor, but for right now he's keeping an open mind about Tarantino's approach:

It’s just important to remain open to whatever the story is, and whatever collaboration may evolve. Whether that’s going to mean swearing, more graphic violence or sex, I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see.

The actor may have a point about the Star Trek movie franchise needing to evolve. While the 2009 reboot by J.J. Abrams was a huge success and well received, its sequel Into Darkness met a more mixed reception, centered on the patchy story, recycling of old ideas and the twist involving Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan. This might be the reason why the third movie Star Trek Beyond - which received much stronger reviews and was released on the 50th anniversary of the series - was a financial disappointment.

Around the time of Beyond's release, there was talk the next movie would be a time-travel tale pairing Kirk (Chris Pine) with his father George (Chris Hemsworth). It seems the lukewarm financial reception to the third movie cooled that idea, and Hemsworth has revealed he's not sure if he'll be involved with the next movie now.

Aside from Star Trek 4, Urban has been part of many fan-favorite properties over the years and has been busy answering questions about some of them recently. He confirmed last week that Alex Garland was actually the director of Dredd and that he's still very much interested in reprising the character for the upcoming Judge Dredd: Mega-City One series. He also revealed he hasn't seen Star Trek: Discovery yet, but he'd be open to a possible guest appearance.

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Source: Yahoo!

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