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Karate Kid 2 lands a director; Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to reunite in a new movie; Jeremy Irvine will star in Stonewall; Matt Damon eyes The Martian; the Game of Thrones showrunners peg their next project; and Chloe Moretz joins The 5th Wave.


Sony Pictures has hired Breck Eisner to direct returning stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid 2.

Breck Eisner Direct Karate Kid 2 Movie News Wrap Up: Karate Kid 2, The Martian and More

Eisner is probably best known for delivering the 2010 horror film The Crazies starring Timothy Olyphant. Not exactly a 1-to-1 comparison between that film and The Karate Kid, but apparently Sony thinks Eisner is a good fit to helm their sequel.

Since the first Karate Kid hit back in (coincidentally) 2010, Sony has been trying to get a sequel off the ground, first with two Kung Fu Panda screenwriters and then with Incredible Hulk writer Zak Penn, but things hadn’t evolved much beyond that. Now, Sony is seemingly looking to get the project back on track and rolling.

Source: Deadline


Golden Globe co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will star as sisters in The Nest.

Tina Fey Amy Poehler Star The Nest Movie News Wrap Up: Karate Kid 2, The Martian and More

While Poehler is still in final negotiations, it seems almost a done deal given Fey’s involvement. The two have been nigh inseparable since their early SNL days and even starred in the film Baby Mama together.

Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore will helm The Nest, which follows two sisters’ weekend reunion in their childhood home. Sounds like the perfect set-up for the two comedians.


Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) has signed on to star in Stonewall for director Roland Emmerich.

Jeremy Irvine Star Stonewall Movie News Wrap Up: Karate Kid 2, The Martian and More

Although Emmerich is mostly known for bombastic epics overwrought with CGI destruction, Stonewall sounds like a more intimate piece for the director. The film centers on the 1969 police raid of a bar in Greenwich Village that was said to be a noted gathering place for gays and transgender individuals. Irvine will play a character whose political aspirations were incited by the raid.

Emmerich is hoping to shoot Stonewall soon, in between preparing Independence Day 2 for its summer 2016 release date of course. With a potential underwater adventure in the works, and now Stonewall, it appears Emmerich is setting up a new system where he alternates between big budget blockbusters and passion projects.

Source: Deadline


While director Drew Goddard officially exits The Martian, Matt Damon considers signing on to star.

Matt Damon Eyes The Martian Movie News Wrap Up: Karate Kid 2, The Martian and More

Although Fox was very interested in having the up-and-coming Goddard direct their adaptation, they saw the writing on the wall. Goddard has both the Sinister Six film and Netflix’s Daredevil series in various stages of production, and so it seemed unlikely he would get to The Martian anytime soon.

As this was going on, though, Matt Damon reportedly became very interested in the project, which follows an astronaut stranded on Mars. However, sources report that Damon likely won’t commit to the film until Fox finds a replacement for Goddard.

Source: The Wrap


Game of Thrones show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have selected Dirty White Boys as their next project.

Benioff Weiss Direct Dirty White Boys Movie News Wrap Up: Karate Kid 2, The Martian and More

While the two have kept plenty busy juggling the seven kingdoms of Westeros, they are hoping to adapt the Stephen Hunter novel at some point. The novel follows three escaped convicts and the lawman that is hot on their heels.

It’s still early, but Deadline reports that Weiss and Benioff will write, produce, and direct the film. Still, Game of Thrones comes first, and with the series just recently renewed for seasons 5 and 6 it’s possible the project might spend some time in development.

Source: Deadline


Hit Girl herself, Chloe Moretz, is likely to headline The 5th Wave, an upcoming YA adaptation from Sony.

Chloe Moretz to Star The 5th Wave Movie News Wrap Up: Karate Kid 2, The Martian and More

Based on the book by Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave follows Cassie, a 16-year-old girl who has survived four prior attacks (“waves”) on Earth. However, while Cassie is trying to save her brother she discovers a mysterious man (love interest?) who may be Earth’s last hope.

Given Moretz’s resume it’s surprising she hadn’t joined a YA adaptation sooner, but The 5th Wave is apparently the one to snag her. J Blakeson will direct the film off a script from Susannah Grant.

Source: The Wrap

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