Karamo Brown’s Dad Hasn’t Spoken to Him for 10 Years After He Came Out as Gay

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Queer Eye star Karamo Brown admits that his dad hadn’t spoken to him for 10 years after he came out as gay. The startling revelation was made during Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars.

While many of Brown's fans may know him as a charismatic member of the Fab Five, his origins echo a lot of the hurt felt by the people he has helped. At the tender age of 17, Brown came out to his dad. His father disowned him, which ultimately polarized the entire family. Years later, when the reality star became a father himself, he stepped into the role with complete commitment. He raised his biological son, as well as the child's half-brother, whom he has adopted.

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As reported by People, Brown and his father once had a close relationship. Brown explained, "Growing up, my father was my hero. He called me his champion son. But then, as I started to discover who I am, things changed dramatically. When I was 17 going on 18, I told him that I was gay. Our relationship ended. It split the family apart and we didn't speak for 10 years." The Dancing with the Stars celeb continued, "I just prayed everyday that one day, we could actually get back to being a family again."

Brown and his father are now in the process of rebuilding their troubled relationship. His Jamaican father traveled all the way to Los Angeles to attend a taping of Dancing With the Stars. Brown dedicated his contemporary dance performance to his dad, as an additional show of love and respect. Not only that, but his father now has the opportunity to build a relationship with Ian Jordan - Brown's fiancé.

For someone who gives of himself so generously on Queer Eye, and in his personal life, it's fitting that Brown has a chance to repair the rift with his dad. A lot of children who come out to their parents are met with love and acceptance. Unfortunately, that's not the outcome for everyone. Coming out can be especially difficult for members of the African-American community, who may have friends and relatives with conservative views on LGBTQ issues. For this reason, it's especially poignant that Brown and his father are slowly trying to heal and move on. The Dancing with the Stars star can also set a strong example of grace and forgiveness for his own sons.

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Source: People

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