'Kane & Lynch' Delayed as Director Patrick Alessandrin Exits

Kane and Lynch movie delayed

Hollywood is fond of adapting popular video games into movies (despite them often being critical failures and box office disappointments) and it was no surprise that Eidos Interactive's violent game Kane & Lynch would be getting the big-screen treatment.

With huge stars Bruce Willis and Jaimie Foxx signed on to star in the titular roles and director Patrick Alessandrin (District 13: Ultimatum) in-talks to direct, it seemed that Kane & Lynch was definitely on the way. However, as is often the case, things aren't that simple, and the project has hit a major roadblock.

24 Frames reports that Kane & Lynch has been delayed - until the film can lock-down a director. The project was set to start shooting next month; however, it appears that the current director, Alessandrin, has "fallen off the film" according to sources close to the project.

We reported back in June this year that Law Abiding Citizen director, F. Gary Gray, was in talks to direct (though it's unclear why he was in talks if Alessandrin was still on-board) but it appears a deal couldn't be closed. Gray is still in the mix but he's just one of a few directors the studio is looking at - along with the previously rumored Wayne Kramer (Running Scared) as well as Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).

There's been no deal yet and it's unlikely that one will be struck all that soon. The film is no longer slated to shoot next month as planned - as shooting will now start in the first quarter of 2011 at the earliest. A Millennium spokeswoman said, "the director has not been chosen... [and a] start date is TBD."

It's not uncommon for projects to hit bumps but Kane & Lynch appeared to be moving along steadily, especially with Willis and Foxx signed-on to play the gun-toting anti-heroes. There was even a teaser poster released (see below).

Kane and Lynch video game movie adaptation

Of the three potential directors that have been named, I personally think Gray is the best choice. He may not have an immaculate track record (Be Cool particularly comes to mind as a bad day at the office) but films like The Negotiator, The Italian Job and most recently Law Abiding Citizen prove that he can take a generic, or even ridiculous, story and make it highly entertaining.

Kane & Lynch mixes the generic with the outlandish (two murderous criminals, one of them a psychopath) and I think Gray is the best fit to bring that combo to the silver screen. Not that Kramer or Fuqua would necessarily be bad choices either.

Don't worry Kane & Lynch fans, as the movie WILL get made but, as a result of Alessandrin's exit, it'll just take a bit longer.

Kane & Lynch was expected in theaters sometime in 2011 but, considering that shooting has been pushed until early next year, we could be looking at a 2012 release date instead. Stay tuned.

Source: 24 Frames

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