Short Horror Film 'Kadence' Gets a Trailer, Artwork & Images

There are plenty of great horror short films out there, including shorts like Mama and Saw that went on to become feature length movies. Crowd-funding has opened up a whole new avenue to help filmmakers bring their spooky visions to life, and one recent Kickstarter success was short supernatural chiller Kadence, which successfully raised $18,000 for its production budget through donations.

According to the synopsis, Kadence is centered on a young man called Kadin, who recently lost his mother and has a "damaging and complex" relationship with his father. Into his life of inner turmoil comes a seductive new neighbor, Marissa, who introduces Kadin to the idea of voodoo and offers him an ancient doll that she insists can work for either good or evil. In the hope of a brighter future, Kadin accepts the offer and uses the doll, but based on the new trailer for Kadence it doesn't look like things go all that smoothly.

The cast of Kadence includes Max Lloyd-Jones (Teen Wolf) as Kadin, Alyson Stoner (Step Up All In) as Marissa and Bailey Chase (Saving Grace) as Kadin's father, Joel. Director Jacob Johnston has worked as visual development coordinator on a number of Marvel films, including Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers: Age of Ultron; along with some screenshots from Kadence, we also have some artwork for the film, created by Marvel Studios artists Jackson Sze and Anthony Francisco.


Kadence artwork 2

Kadence artwork 3

Kadence artwork 4

Kadence artwork

Kadence screenshot 1

Kadence screenshot 2

Kadence screenshot 3

Kadence screenshot 4

Speaking in an interview with Media Mikes earlier this year, Johnston explained that Kadence became more character-driven than supernatural-based over the course of its development, and that he wanted to "[bring] back the terrifying elements of visceral human interaction and unraveling – evocative of movies like The Haunting, Silence of the Lambs and Let the Right One In." When asked if the short could be considered a pitch for a full-length movie, Johnston replied that there is "definitely a potential" for a feature-length version, but he "never wanted to see the project that way."

Kadence is currently in post-production and the Kickstarter page mentions a targeted mid-October release. You can follow the official Facebook page for updates. Let us know in the comments if the trailer for this horror short has left you interested to see more.

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