Justin Timberlake tries his acting chops

I suppose this had to happen sometime...

Justin Timberlake has taken a "small but pivotal role" (whatever that means) in an independent movie called Edison, directed by David Burke. Filming is scheduled to begin March 1st in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Filming in Canada is the Hollywood equivalent of "Made in China.")

Edison is a drama about a cop, a criminal and the reporter who keeps the lines of communication between them open. His co-stars are Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and LL Cool J. Timberlake reportedly chose the project in collaboration with his film agents after being impressed with the script, written by director Burke.

Who can we thank for this disturbing trend of singers who think they're also actors? My vote is for Cher, whose Oscar win for Moonstruck must have seemed like the apocalypse at the time.

Source: Fox News


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