Justin Bieber Is Actually Trying to Make Fight With Tom Cruise Happen

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is actually trying to make the fight with Tom Cruise happen. Bieber sparked an internet frenzy when he challenged Cruise to the fight just weeks ago, tagging UFC's Dana White. He may have brushed off the original call-out as a joke, but from the sounds of it, all parties may be on board, and if so, the fight is likely to happen for real.

Both Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise attract a lot of media attention, but currently, people are talking about this boxing match. Last year, Bieber, attracted media attention when he unexpectedly announced his marriage to Hailey Baldwin, who now goes by Hailey Bieber. Before posting this tweet, Cruise and Bieber had never appeared in the media together, so Bieber's choice is seemingly random. Tom is a respected actor who is known for doing his own stunt work, however, so maybe Bieber challenged him because he is a fan. On June 9, Bieber challenged Cruise to a fight in the Octagon, and since then, the trending tweet has over 45K retweets and 225K likes.

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TMZ reports that Dana White and Ari Emanuel, the co-CEO of the William Morris Endeavor agency that owns UFC, called Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, to discuss the potential duel. In this call, both Emanuel and White expressed their interest in the fight taking place on the UFC platform, and that they are completely on board for this fight to take place. Braun confirmed Bieber's willingness to fight Cruise as well, indicating that perhaps the original challenge was never a joke, at least not totally. Emanuel also told TMZ that he thought Cruise would likely agree to the fight, so the probability of the fight really happening just got higher. White claimed that the fight "would be the easiest fight to promote in the history of [his] career," and it's easy to see why, considering the dedicated fans both stars would attract. Check out Bieber's original post, challenging Cruise:

For some, who the winner will be is a no-brainer, considering Cruise's impressive resume of action films, in which the 56 year old actor continues to perform his own stunts. It would be a mistake to underestimate Bieber, however, since he did train with pro-boxer Floyd Mayweather, although the two had a falling out in 2017. Whether or not Bieber has been keeping up with his boxing since then is unknown, but training with Mayweather must have payed off if he is confident enough to challenge Cruise. Maybe he has a better chance at winning than most give him credit for. On the other hand, Cruise also used to wrestle in high school, and has many years on Bieber, so it might end up being a fair match.

Whether or not the fight will take place rests in Cruise's hands now, since Bieber and representatives of UFC have confirmed their willingness to make it happen. Cruise has yet to respond at this point, but if Emanuel's hunch is correct, he could speak on it soon. For those who are still skeptical, remember that at one point in time, people thought the match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would never happen, and it did.

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Source: TMZ

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