Justin Bieber Seeks Attention By Challenging Tom Cruise to A Fight

Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber issues a weird challenge for Tom Cruise on social media - fight him in the octagon. The pop singer has been on a straight path since marrying Hailey Baldwin last year after going through a string of scandals, but this latest move may change all that especially since it came out of nowhere.

Known for a slew of hits since he debuted in 2008, he was discovered by talent manager Scooter Braun after seeing his YouTube cover videos. Bieber has gone on multiple world tours, but as he became more popular, he also became more scandalous. He was embroiled in countless controversies over the years that included supposed rude behavior and several run-ins with the law. But he's laid low in the last couple of years, staying scandal-free; mostly focusing on his music and his budding family life. He's also limited his presence in social media, and mainly uploads posts for promotional reasons. This is why fans were shocked to see his latest tweet calling out Cruise for a fight.

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Taking it to his official Twitter account, Bieber issued a challenge for the Mission: Impossible star - fight him in the octagon. And if Cruise don't sign up for it, the singer claims that the actor is "scared" and he "will never live it down." Bieber even tagged Dana White - the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which is the largest mixed martial arts organization around to potentially stage this fight. Check out the tweet below:

As of writing, the controversial tweet already has over 19,000 retweets and more than 90,000 likes. It continues to gain traction online with countless people chiming in on the conversation. Online betting site Odds Shark commented on Bieber's post saying they don't like his odds of winning this fight. Meanwhile, former professional boxer, as well as boxing and MMA promoter through Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De la Hoya expressed interest in staging the potential match-up. Most fans, however, are against the idea, some of them pointing out that Bieber should be picking a fight in his own age and weight class if he seriously wants to do this. Cruise's camp remains mum on the mater and it's frankly for the best to ignore this if they're not in on this odd move from Bieber. But in the event that he wants to indulge Bieber, his schedule could be a problem. He will be filming back-to-back for Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 slated to come out 2021 and 2022 respectively, not to mention ongoing work for Top Gun: Maverick.

Since Bieber's post is so out of the blue, it's curious what drove him to send this challenge to Cruise. There's no clear link between the two public personas since they round different social circles despite both being part of Hollywood. Not that Bieber hasn't behaved oddly in the past, but he's done a great job staying out of trouble recently. Perhaps the tweet is actually something leading to a reveal - some sort of a publicity stunt for an upcoming project or a good cause.  Otherwise, this will go down as one of the most bizarre actions from the pop star.

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