'Step Up 3D' Director To Helm Justin Bieber Movie

Your favorite girl - er, I mean, androgynous pop music sensation Justin Bieber is getting his own 3D movie, which will feature Step Up 3D director Jon Chu at the helm.

Chu beat out over 20 other filmmakers Paramount Pictures considered for the job, including that of director Davis Guggenheim.  The filmmaker responsible for An Inconvenient Truth is apparently too busy promoting his education reform documentary Waiting for Superman to take on the far more important job of bringing Bieber's personal story to the big screen [sarcasm alert!].

Bieber is just the latest successful teen musician to be featured as the star of a 3D movie - after the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, no less.  His story is mildly unique in that the young lad not only came from a non-wealthy family, his career also benefited heavily from the Web.

Here is Chu's official statement about why he took on the job - and I dare you to read it all the way through without emitting a single giggle:

"When I was approached about doing Justin [Bieber's] film, I jumped at the opportunity to tell a story with honesty and heart.  Most people don't know that his is a true underdog story, and I hope to tell it in a compelling, genuine way, using all source materials available to convey his tale of becoming an icon for this digital age.  This is the story of a new voice continuing the tradition of musicians that defined their generation."

No one can deny that Bieber is quite popular with the teenie-bopper crowd nowadays, and has attracted a massive number of fans and detractors alike.  Whether he is a musical talent that defines the current generation - much like The Beatles did for young people back in the 1960s - eh... not so much.  There is always the future though, right? :-P

Those who consider a professional film production about the life of Justin Bieber to be a harbinger of doom for humanity can relax as well.  Pop musicians always have a limited shelf life (just look at Britney Spears' career) and I sincerely doubt that Bieber will be an exception to that rule.

The Untitled Justin Bieber Movie is tentatively scheduled to arrive in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on February 11th, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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