'Justified' Season 4 Debuts New Trailer; 'Archer' Gets a Premiere Date

Justified Archer Timothy Olyphant H. Jon Benjamin

Along with AMC, FX has spent the last few years reinforcing the notion that some of the most mature and narratively interesting television can be found on basic cable. Among the most popular and critically acclaimed of these offerings is Justified, the tale of a US Marshall with a gunslinger's ethos sent to his rural childhood home. On the other end of the spectrum is the spy parody Archer, a deliriously over-the-top animated comedy from the same demented minds that created the cult favorite Frisky Dingo. Both shows are headed into their fourth seasons in 2013.

Those chomping at the bit for the return of Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) have reason to rejoice: Not only has FX announced solid premiere dates for Justified and Archer, the network has released a trailer for Justified season 4 that gives audiences a taste of what's to come.

FX has announced that both Archer and Justified will debut their respective fourth seasons in little over a month. Justified will premiere on January 8 and Archer will return January 17.

As seen in the above trailer, it looks as if there's no rest for the wicked in Justified's latest batch of episodes. Even after the more-or-less downer ending of season 3, Raylan Givens continues to dispense Old West-style justice to charlatans, drug dealers, and rural crime bosses. Viewers get a quick glimpse of Raylan's perennial frenemy Boyd Crowder (Walter Goggins) and a newcomer to the neighborhood: enthusiastic preacher (and possible Crowder nemesis) Billy St. Cyr (Joe Mazzello).

One aspect of the upcoming season left completely out of the preview is the debut of comedian Patton Oswalt as semi-foil Constable Bob Sweeney. Apparently a former classmate of Raylan's, Sweeney is supposed to be a local cop with a serious authority complex. In various interviews and Tweets, Oswalt has stated that most of his scenes will take place later in the season – perhaps the reason why the noted entertainer's cameo isn't acknowledged in the preview for Justified's January premiere.

Justified Archer Timothy Olyphant H. Jon Benjamin

Other than confirming the return of familiar characters and the debut of a trickle of new ones, the Justified trailer tells us little about whether season 4 will resolve the dangling plot threads left over from the previous go-around. It's a surprisingly generic preview for a show known for its intense atmosphere, well-constructed season-length plots, and dark humor. Nonetheless, it does its primary job – to remind fans that it's almost time to tune back to FX for another dose of Kentucky justice.

Somewhat weirdly, there is little recent information about Archer season 4 other than the fascinating announcement that the show will cross over with Bob's Burgers. Earlier this year, a full episode of the new season was screened at San Diego Comic-Con... but as of yet, there has been no public trailer released. There's little doubt that FX will debut teasers for Archer sooner rather than later, but until then viewers anxious to see more ISIS-based shenanigans will have to hold their breath.

Justified season 4 will mosey into town January 8, 2013. Archer will sneak back into our lives January 17.


Source: FX (via TVLine)

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