'Justified' Season 3 Unleashes Three New Teasers

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens Justified season 3 FX

While fans have little over a month to wait for new episodes of the hit series Justified, FX has unleashed three new teasers to give an idea of where things are headed come the start of season 3.

After the events of last season’s ‘Bloody Harlan’ – which, for all intents and purposes, dispatched the nefarious Bennett clan – Harlan County is prime territory for any number of bad guys looking to expand their empire. We know that Ravenous and Captain America: The First Avenger actor Neal McDonough has been brought on to play Detroit gangster Quarles, while Forrest Gump scene-stealer Mykelti Williamson will tackle the more ambiguous role of Limehouse, a small town resident who doesn’t let a pesky thing like the law get in the way of protecting his holler.

Also new to season 3 will be Carla Gugino (Sucker Punch, Sin City), who was last seen cavorting with David Duchovny in the most recent season of Californication. This time around, however, Gugino will be playing Karen Goodall, assistant director of the U.S. Marshals, with whom Raylan shares a somewhat thorny history. Given that Raylan was mending things with his ex-wife Winona (Natalie Zea), Gugino’s Goodall may prove problematic for the Marshal’s romantic life.

With the new season just around the corner, there has been precious little to go on in terms of overall plotlines – but with the release of these three new teasers, it is now time to let the speculation begin.

Take a look at the teasers below:

For starters, we see a jar of OxyContin being obliterated by Raylan relaxing on a quintessential Kentucky porch with his trusty sidearm. Oxy (otherwise known as hillbilly heroin) reared its ugly head in season 1 of Justified, as Raylan was forced to dispatch an Oxy dealer played by Eddie Jemison (Hung), after the elder Givens, Arlo (Raymond J. Barry), tried to swindle him. Perhaps the drug is the cornerstone of Quarles’ criminal empire, which brings him to the attention of both Raylan and Limehouse.

Most interesting, though, are the two teasers featuring Walton Goggins’ enigmatic Boyd Crowder. After starting out as a run-of-the-mill villain for Raylan to battle, Boyd has become something of an anti-hero, who occasionally finds himself on the side of justice – but for entirely selfish and duplicitous reasons.

In the first teaser, we see what looks to be a shootout between Raylan and Boyd, but instead their opposing lines converge and we see them gunning for some unseen enemy. Of course this suggests that Boyd’s role will be even more in line with Raylan’s, but what does it mean for the uneasy truce that has come from such a longstanding rivalry?

Finally, and perhaps least clear, is the teaser depicting Boyd and a group of men scavenging the woods. At first glance it seems to suggest that they are hunting someone (Raylan, possibly?), until Boyd stumbles upon the Marshal’s signature hat. Given the look on Boyd’s face, there is reason to suggest that the group is not hunting Raylan, but rather searching for him. Does this mean the lawman goes missing at some point during season 3, or is it simply meant to imply the Givens-Crowder feud has been renewed once more?


Look for Justified season 3 to premiere in January on FX.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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