First Look At 'Justified' Season 2

Raylan Givens is readying his return to television. Find out what's in store for everyone's favorite U.S. Marshall, as we give you a sneak peek at 'Justified' season 2.

In less than a week, fans of the hit FX series Justified will be returning to Harlan county to witness Raylan Givens deliver his own brand of justice.

When we last left the gun-toting U.S. Marshall, Givens, Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) and Ava (Joelle Carter) were pinned down by gunfire from a couple of unknown assailants. Picking up right where the finale left off, fans of the series will be surprised to see what transpires in the conclusion of the stand-off and how Boyd's life completely changes because of it.

Jumping ahead some time after that, viewers might be more surprised to learn that Boyd and Ava are now living together. While nothing is romantic at the moment, there are signs that things may become escalate at some point. Although, until that happens, Ava has Boyd under a strict set of rules and will waste no time throwing him out of her house. Fortunately for Boyd, he has no problem staying out of trouble – although certain problems do arise.

Fans of the wonderfully dimwitted Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman) will be happy to know that Harlan’s most helpless white supremacist returns and sets out to frame Raylan Givens for a crime Crowe intends to commit. Considering Crowe’s inability to mentally process the severity of his actions, things don’t exactly go as planned, but hilarity ensues nonetheless.

With Boyd on a proverbial leash – at least for the moment – and Dewey Crowe being, well, Dewey Crow, the role of this season’s main antagonist goes to Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale) - a seemingly harmless matriarch figure that has deep ties to everything criminal in Harlan. Heading up the violent arm of the Bennett clan is Dickie Bennett (Jeremy Davies), Raylan’s high school rival. While Dickie may appear to be as intelligent as Dewey Crowe, viewers will quickly realize just how ingenious and extremely violent he is – something that makes for a suspenseful standoff between Raylan and Dickie.

For fans of the series that enjoyed the first season but disliked certain episodic storyline elements and the bad guy of the week premise that ran for the first 4 episodes, you’ll be happy to know that most – if not all – of season two’s storylines and story-arcs are continuous and will last for most of the season. Even when the second season does venture into specific episodic plots, it often involves familiar series characters, so everything feels very fluid.

Plus, there’s the return of the always wonderful Stephen Root as the spandex wearing Judge Mike Reardon to look forward to. Although, don’t expect to see him within the first month of Justified’s return.

Even though Justified is beginning its second season, there’s still enough time for new viewers to catch up on the adventures of Raylan Givens with the Justified season one DVD set. Fortunately if that’s not an option, newcomers will have no problem jumping in to the action.


Justified season 2 premieres February 9 @10pm, on FX.

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