Big Ratings Make FX Feel 'Justified'

From the looks of it, viewers just can’t get enough of Timothy Olyphant as a lawman – no matter what era - as FX’s newest throwback drama, Justified, premiered to 4.2 million viewers, easily winning the timeslot on cable.

Not only that, but Justified also ranked as one of the biggest series premieres, topped only by the debut of Shawn Ryan’s The Shield in 2002.

What’s interesting is that since FX has been marketing the show as a modern-day western, the audience tended to skew toward those who would tune into westerns – mainly adults ages 50+. Amongst the 4.2 million viewers that tuned in, less than half were in the18-49 age bracket.

What’s to come?

If you read my review of the Justiefied series premiere, I made a remark about how the series turns episodic for the second and third episode, leaving the more serialized story-arcs behind.

Those worried that this is permanent can rest easy, as show creator, Graham Yost, has promised that as the season progresses there will be more serialized elements popping up with the last four episodes being particularly serialized.

If you’re curious about what specifically is coming up in the season, here’s a little SPOILER directly from Graham Yost.

“When we shot the pilot, Boyd (Walton Goggins) died at the end. And the response from focus groups and internally is they loved Boyd so much -- loved what Walton was doing as Boyd -- that we asked Walton to come back. Boyd does not stay in prison the whole time, I won't say how he gets out, but it has severe ramifications.”

Can’t wait to see that!

Were you one of the 4.2 million to tune into Justified? Do you agree with it being a modern-day western? What do you think of what’s to come?

Tune in to Justified Tuesdays @10pm on FX

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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